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YARN-9655. AllocateResponse in FederationInterceptor lost applicationPriority. Contributed by hunshenshi.

HDFS-14610. HashMap is not thread safe. Field storageMap is typically synchronized by storageMap. However, in one place, field storageMap is not protected with synchronized. (#1015)

HDDS-1667. Docker compose file may referring to incorrect docker image name. Contributed by Eric Yang.

HDDS-1685. Recon: Add support for "start" query param to containers and containers/{id} endpoints.

HDDS-1258. Fix error propagation for SCM protocol

Closes #1001

YARN-9661:Fix typo in LocalityMulticastAMRMProxyPolicy.java and AbstractConfigurableFederationPolicy.java (#1042)

HDDS-373. Genconf tool must generate ozone-site.xml with sample values (#1025)

HDDS-1555. Disable install snapshot for ContainerStateMachine. Contributed by Siddharth Wagle. (#846)

HDDS-1730. Implement File CreateDirectory Request to use Cache and Do… (#1026)

HDFS-14618. Incorrect synchronization of ArrayList field (ArrayList is thread-unsafe). Contributed by Paul Ward.

HDDS-1733. Fix Ozone documentation (#1031)

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YARN-9560. Restructure DockerLinuxContainerRuntime to extend OCIContainerRuntime. Contributed by Eric Badger, Jim Brennan, Craig Condit

HDDS-1672. Improve locking in OzoneManager. (#1016)

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YARN-9581. Add support for get multiple RM webapp URLs. Contributed by Prabhu Joseph

HDDS-1639. Restructure documentation pages for better understanding

Closes #901

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Revert "YARN-9655. AllocateResponse in FederationInterceptor lost applicationPriority. (hunshenshi via wwei) closes apache/hadoop#1023"

This reverts commit 5e7caf128719aac7d16d0efc8334b3b5a4b01e89.

YARN-9655. AllocateResponse in FederationInterceptor lost applicationPriority. (hunshenshi via wwei) closes apache/hadoop#1023

YARN-9623. Auto adjust max queue length of app activities to make sure activities on all nodes can be covered. Contributed by Tao Yang.

HDFS-14599. HDFS-12487 breaks test TestDiskBalancer.testDiskBalancerWithFedClusterWithOneNameServiceEmpty. Contributed by He Xiaoqiao.

HDFS-14036. RBF: Add hdfs-rbf-default.xml to HdfsConfiguration by default. Contributed by Takanobu Asanuma.

YARN-9639. DecommissioningNodesWatcher cause memory leak. Contributed by Bilwa S T.

HDDS-1638. Implement Key Write Requests to use Cache and DoubleBuffer. (#956)

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YARN-6055. ContainersMonitorImpl need be adjusted when NM resource changed. Contributed by Inigo Goiri.

HDDS-1691 : RDBTable#isExist should use Rocksdb#keyMayExist (#1013)

YARN-9477. Implement VE discovery using libudev. Contributed by Peter Bacsko.

HDDS-1727. Use generation of resourceName for locks in OzoneManagerLock. (#1014)

HDDS-1709. TestScmSafeNode is flaky. Contributed by Elek, Marton.

HDDS-1723. Create new OzoneManagerLock class. (#1006)

* HDDS-1723. Create new OzoneManagerLock class.

* add logs

* fix exception message

* add license

* fix findbug

* throw exception when acquiring 2nd lock failed.

* fix review comments

* fix missed review comment

* fix checkstyle

* fix review comments

HDFS-14590. [SBN Read] Add the document link to the top page. Contributed by Takanobu Asanuma.

HADOOP-16390. escape javadoc in S3AUtils public methods

Signed-off-by: Takanobu Asanuma <tasanuma@apache.org>