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HDFS-13277. Improve move to Replica trash to limit trash sub-dir size. Contributed by Bharat Viswanadham.

HADOOP-15339. Support additional key/value propereties in JMX bean registration. Contributed by Elek Marton.

YARN-8043. Added the exception message for failed launches running under LCE. Contributed by Shane Kumpf

HDFS-13204. RBF: Optimize name service safe mode icon. Contributed by liuhongtong.

HDFS-13291. RBF: Implement available space based OrderResolver. Contributed by Yiqun Lin.

HADOOP-15295. Remove redundant logging related to tags from Configuration. Contributed by Ajay Kumar.

YARN-8070. Yarn Service API site doc broken due to unwanted character in YarnServiceAPI.md (Gour Saha via wangda)

Change-Id: I22428b2f128d16e79ebbdeaf32869566963d0c6f

YARN-8016. Refine PlacementRule interface and add a app-name queue mapping rule as an example. (Zian Chen via wangda)

Change-Id: I35caf1480e0f76f5f3a53528af09312e39414bbb

YARN-8032. Added ability to configure failure validity interval for YARN service. Contributed by Chandni Singh

Update 3.0.1 jdiff file and jdiff stable api version

Update releasenotes and changelogs for 3.0.1 release

HDFS-12512. RBF: Add WebHDFS.

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YARN-7986. ATSv2 REST API queries do not return results for uppercase application tags. Contributed by Charan Hebri.

YARN-8063. DistributedShellTimelinePlugin wrongly check for entityId instead of entityType. Contributed by Rohith Sharma K S.

HADOOP-14067. VersionInfo should load version-info.properties from its own classloader. Contributed by Thejas M Nair.

HDFS-12792. RBF: Test Router-based federation using HDFSContract. Contributed by Inigo Goiri.

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HDFS-11900. Hedged reads thread pool creation not synchronized. Contributed by John Zhuge.

HADOOP-15331. Fix a race condition causing parsing error of java.io.BufferedInputStream in class org.apache.hadoop.conf.Configuration. Contributed by Miklos Szegedi.

HDFS-13195. DataNode conf page cannot display the current value after reconfig. Contributed by maobaolong.

HADOOP-15334. Upgrade Maven surefire plugin. Contributed by Arpit Agarwal.

HDFS-13318. RBF: Fix FindBugs in hadoop-hdfs-rbf. Contributed by Ekanth S.

HDFS-12884. BlockUnderConstructionFeature.truncateBlock should be of type BlockInfo. Contributed by chencan.

YARN-8054. Improve robustness of the LocalDirsHandlerService MonitoringTimerTask thread. Contributed by Jonathan Eagles

HDFS-11043. TestWebHdfsTimeouts fails. Contributed by Xiaoyu Yao and Chao Sun.

HDFS-13315. Add a test for the issue reported in HDFS-11481 which is fixed by HDFS-10997. Contributed by Yongjun Zhang.

HADOOP-15330. Remove jdk1.7 profile from hadoop-annotations module

Signed-off-by: Akira Ajisaka <aajisaka@apache.org>

HADOOP-15332. Fix typos in hadoop-aws markdown docs. Contributed by Gabor Bota.

HDFS-13250. RBF: Router to manage requests across multiple subclusters. Contributed by Inigo Goiri.

HDFS-13307. RBF: Improve the use of setQuota command. Contributed by liuhongtong.

YARN-7581. HBase filters are not constructed correctly in ATSv2. Contributed by Habio Chen.