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HADOOP-15778. ABFS: Fix client side throttling for read. Contributed by Sneha Varma.

HADOOP-15704. Mark ABFS extension package and interfaces as LimitedPrivate/Unstable. Contributed by Steve Loughran.

HADOOP-15773. Fixing checkstyle and other issues raised by Yetus.

HADOOP-15769. ABFS: distcp tests are always skipped. Contributed by Steve Loughran

HADOOP-15719. Fail-fast when using OAuth over http. Contributed by Da Zhou.

HADOOP-15714. Tune abfs/wasb parallel and sequential test execution. Contributed by Da Zhou.

HADOOP-15715. ITestAzureBlobFileSystemE2E timing out with non-scale timeout of 10 min. Contributed by Da Zhou

HADOOP-15744. AbstractContractAppendTest fails against HDFS on HADOOP-15407 branch. Contributed by Steve Loughran.

HDDS-463. Fix the release packaging of the ozone distribution. Contributed by Elek Marton.

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HDDS-435. Enhance the existing ozone documentation. Contributed by Elek, Marton.

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HDFS-13919. Documentation: Improper formatting in Disk Balancer for Settings. Contributed by Ayush Saxena.

HDDS-399. Persist open pipeline information across SCM restart. Contributed by Mukul Kumar Singh.

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YARN-8782. Fix exception message in Resource.throwExceptionWhenArrayOutOfBound. Contributed by Gergely Pollak.

YARN-8715. Make allocation tags in the placement spec optional for node-attributes. Contributed by Weiwei Yang.

HDDS-362. Modify functions impacted by SCM chill mode in ScmBlockLocationProtocol. Contributed by Ajay Kumar.

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HDDS-470. Ozone acceptance tests are failing. Contributed by Elek, Marton.

(cherry picked from commit dca8d0c2615d142bca55d367a0bc988ce9860368)

HDDS-469. Rename 'ozone oz' to 'ozone sh'. Contributed by Arpit Agarwal.

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HDDS-465. Suppress group mapping lookup warnings for ozone. Contributed by Xiaoyu Yao.

HDDS-462. Optimize ContainerStateMap#getMatchingContainerIDs in SCM. Contributed by Nanda kumar.

HDDS-449. Add a NULL check to protect DeadNodeHandler#onMessage. Contributed by LiXin Ge.

HDDS-409. Ozone acceptance-test and integration-test packages have undefined hadoop component. Contributed by Dinesh Chitlangia.

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HADOOP-15757. ABFS: remove dependency on common-codec Base64. Contributed by Da Zhou.

HDDS-446. Provide shaded artifact to start ozone service as a datanode plugin. Contributed by Elek Marton

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HDDS-466. Handle null in argv of StorageContainerManager#createSCM. Contributed by Nanda kumar

HDDS-419. ChunkInputStream bulk read api does not read from all the chunks. Contributed by Lokesh Jain and Mukul Kumar.

HDDS-454. TestChunkStreams#testErrorReadGroupInputStream & TestChunkStreams#testReadGroupInputStream are failing. Contributed by chencan.

MAPREDUCE-7140. Refactoring TaskAttemptInfo to separate Map and Reduce tasks. Contributed by Oleksandr Shevchenko

HDDS-389. Remove XceiverServer and XceiverClient and related classes. Contributed by chencan.

HDDS-452. 'ozone scm' with incorrect argument first logs all the STARTUP_MSG. Contributed by Namit Maheshwari.

HDDS-429. StorageContainerManager lock optimization. Contributed by Nanda Kumar.