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Merge branch 'trunk' into HADOOP-13345

HADOOP-14809. hadoop-aws shell profile not being built. Contributed by Allen Wittenauer,

YARN-7116. CapacityScheduler Web UI: Queue's AM usage is always show on per-user's AM usage. Contributed by Wangda Tan.

HDFS-12317. HDFS metrics render error in the page of Github. Contributed by Yiqun Lin.

YARN-7094. Document the current known issue with server-side NM graceful decom (rkanter)

YARN-7115. Move BoundedAppender to org.hadoop.yarn.util pacakge (Contributed by Jian He via Daniel Templeton)

HADOOP-14814. Fix incompatible API change on FsServerDefaults to HADOOP-14104. Contributed by Junping Du.

HDFS-12356. Unit test for JournalNode sync during Rolling Upgrade. Contributed by Hanisha Koneru.

MAPREDUCE-6892. Issues with the count of failed/killed tasks in the jhist file. (Peter Bacsko via Haibo Chen)

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YARN-6868. Add test scope to certain entries in hadoop-yarn-server-resourcemanager pom.xml. (Ray Chiang via Haibo Chen)

Revert "HADOOP-14671. Upgrade to Apache Yetus 0.5.0."

This reverts commit 33afa94af1af7b00506284da6493c7175dbad3c0.

HADOOP-14815. s3guard shell usage calls function incorrectly. Contributed by Allen Wittenauer

HDFS-12258. ec -listPolicies should list all policies in system, no matter it's enabled or disabled. Contributed by Wei Zhou.

YARN-5355: YARN Timeline Service v.2: alpha 2 (varunsaxena)

YARN-6982. Potential issue on setting AMContainerSpec#tokenConf to null before app is completed. Contributed by Manikandan R.

HDFS-12336. Listing encryption zones still fails when deleted EZ is not a direct child of snapshottable directory. Contributed by Wellington Chevreuil.

YARN-6756. ContainerRequest#executionTypeRequest causes NPE. Contributed by Jian He

HDFS-12191. Provide option to not capture the accessTime change of a file to snapshot if no other modification has been done to this file. Contributed by Yongjun Zhang.

YARN-7077. TestAMSimulator and TestNMSimulator fail. (Contributed by Akira Ajisaka via Yufei Gu)

YARN-5219. When an export var command fails in launch_container.sh, the full container launch should fail. (Sunil G via wangda)

Change-Id: Iaa6b978bb89482e9d1d77ba57f4adfdc48e39a3c

YARN-7037. Optimize data transfer with zero-copy approach for containerlogs REST API in NMWebServices. Contributed by Tao Yang.

YARN-7010. Federation: routing REST invocations transparently to multiple RMs (part 2 - getApps). (Contributed by Giovanni Matteo Fumarola via curino)

Made fixes for whitespace errors and checstyle warnings before merge.

HDFS-11912. Snapshot functionality test along with randomized file IO operations. (George Huang via Manoj Govindassamy)

HADOOP-14583. wasb throws an exception if you try to create a file and there's no parent directory Contributed by Esfandiar Manii and Thomas Marquardt.

YARN-5816. TestDelegationTokenRenewer#testCancelWithMultipleAppSubmissions is still flakey. Contributed by Robert Kanter

HADOOP-14802. Add support for using container saskeys for all accesses. Contributed by Sivaguru Sankaridurg

HADOOP-14671. Upgrade to Apache Yetus 0.5.0.

YARN-6386. Show decommissioning nodes in new YARN UI. Contributed by Elek Marton.

YARN-7076. yarn application -list -appTypes is not working. Contributed by Jian He.