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HADOOP-14777. S3Guard premerge changes: java 7 build & test tuning Contributed by Steve Loughran.

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Merge branch 'trunk' into HADOOP-13345

HDFS-11696. Fix warnings from Spotbugs in hadoop-hdfs. Contributed by Yiqun Lin.

HADOOP-14726. Mark FileStatus::isDir as final

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YARN-5978. ContainerScheduler and ContainerManager changes to support ExecType update. (Kartheek Muthyala via asuresh)

HADOOP-14673. Remove leftover hadoop_xml_escape from functions. Contributed by Ajay Kumar.

HADOOP-14732. ProtobufRpcEngine should use Time.monotonicNow to measure durations. Contributed by Hanisha Koneru.

YARN-6917. Queue path is recomputed from scratch on every allocation. Contributed by Eric Payne

YARN-6987. Log app attempt during InvalidStateTransition. Contributed by Jonathan Eagles

YARN-6881. LOG is unused in AllocationConfiguration (Contributed by weiyuan via Daniel Templeton)

YARN-6905 Multiple HBaseTimelineStorage test failures due to missing FastNumberFormat (Contributed by Haibo Chen)

HDFS-12162. Update listStatus document to describe the behavior when the argument is a file. Contributed by Ajay Kumar.

YARN-6996. Change javax.cache library implementation from JSR107 to Apache Geronimo. (Ray Chiang via Subru).

YARN-6959. RM may allocate wrong AM Container for new attempt. Contributed by Yuqi Wang

HDFS-12221. Replace xcerces in XmlEditsVisitor. (Ajay Kumar via lei)

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Merge branch 'trunk' into HADOOP-13345

YARN-6741. Deleting all children of a Parent Queue on refresh throws exception. Contributed by Naganarasimha G R.

HADOOP-14749. review s3guard docs & code prior to merge. Contributed by Steve Loughran

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YARN-6687. Validate that the duration of the periodic reservation is less than the periodicity. (subru via curino)

YARN-6896. Federation: routing REST invocations transparently to multiple RMs (part 1 - basic execution). (Contributed by Giovanni Matteo Fumarola via curino)

YARN-6882. AllocationFileLoaderService.reloadAllocations() should use the diamond operator (Contributed by Larry Lo via Daniel Templeton)

YARN-6967. Limit application attempt's diagnostic message size thoroughly (Contributed by Chengbing Liu via Daniel Templeton)

YARN-6884. AllocationFileLoaderService.loadQueue() has an if without braces (Contributed by weiyuan via Daniel Templeton)

YARN-6952. Enable scheduling monitor in FS (Contributed by Yufei Gu via Daniel Templeton)

HADOOP-14741. Refactor curator based ZooKeeper communication into common library. (Íñigo Goiri via Subru).

YARN-5927. BaseContainerManagerTest::waitForNMContainerState timeout accounting is not accurate. (Kai Sasaki via kasha)

HADOOP-14760. Add missing override to LoadBalancingKMSClientProvider.

HADOOP-10392. Use FileSystem#makeQualified(Path) instead of Path#makeQualified(FileSystem) (ajisakaa via aw)

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HADOOP-14754. TestCommonConfigurationFields failed: core-default.xml has 2 wasb properties missing in classes. Contributed by John Zhuge.

HDFS-12287. Remove a no-longer applicable TODO comment in DatanodeManager. Contributed by Chen Liang.