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HDFS-9849. DiskBalancer: reduce lock path in shutdown code. Contributed by Yuanbo Liu.

HDFS-10553. DiskBalancer: Rename Tools/DiskBalancer class to Tools/DiskBalancerCLI. Contributed by Manoj Govindassamy.

HDFS-10831. Add log when URLConnectionFactory.openConnection failed. Contributed by yunjiong zhao.

HDFS-10742. Measure lock time in FsDatasetImpl. Contributed by Chen Liang

HADOOP-13519. Make Path Serializable. Contributed by Steve Loughran

HDFS-10845. Change defaults in hdfs-site.xml to match timeunit type. Contributed by Yiqun Lin

Revert "YARN-5567. Fix script exit code checking in NodeHealthScriptRunner#reportHealthStatus. (Yufei Gu via rchiang)"

This reverts commit 05ede003868871addc30162e9707c3dc14ed6b7a.

HDFS-8901. Use ByteBuffer in striping positional read. Contributed by Sammi Chen and Kai Zheng.

HDFS-10847. Complete the document for FileDistribution processor in OfflineImageViewer. Contributed by Yiqun Lin.

HDFS-10844. test_libhdfs_threaded_hdfs_static and test_libhdfs_zerocopy_hdfs_static are failing.

HDFS-10778. Add -format option to make the output of FileDistribution processor human-readable in OfflineImageViewer.

Revert "HADOOP-13218. Migrate other Hadoop side tests to prepare for removing WritableRPCEngine. Contributed by Wei Zhou and Kai Zheng"

This reverts commit 62a9667136ebd8a048f556b534fcff4fdaf8e2ec

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HADOOP-13388. Clean up TestLocalFileSystemPermission. Contributed by Andras Bokor.

HADOOP-13541 explicitly declare the Joda time version S3A depends on. Contributed by Stevel Loughran

HADOOP-13218. Migrate other Hadoop side tests to prepare for removing WritableRPCEngine. Contributed by Wei Zhou and Kai Zheng

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YARN-5616. Clean up WeightAdjuster. (Yufei Gu via kasha)

HADOOP-13558. UserGroupInformation created from a Subject incorrectly tries to renew the Kerberos ticket. Contributed by Xiao Chen.

HDFS-9038. DFS reserved space is erroneously counted towards non-DFS used. (Brahma Reddy Battula)

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HDFS-10841. Remove duplicate or unused variable in appendFile(). Contributed by Kihwal Lee.

HDFS-10835. Fix typos in httpfs.sh. Contributed by John Zhuge.

HDFS-6962. ACL inheritance conflicts with umaskmode. Contributed by Chris Nauroth.

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HDFS-9847. HDFS configuration should accept time units. Contributed by Yiqun Lin

Add CHANGES and release notes for 3.0.0-alpha1 to site

HADOOP-13447. Refactor S3AFileSystem to support introduction of separate metadata repository and tests. Contributed by Chris Nauroth.

HADOOP-13549. Eliminate intermediate buffer for server-side PB encoding. Contributed by Daryn Sharp.

YARN-5576. Allow resource localization while container is running. Contributed by Jian He.

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YARN-5608. TestAMRMClient.setup() fails with ArrayOutOfBoundsException. Contributed by Daniel Templeton.

HDFS-9781. FsDatasetImpl#getBlockReports can occasionally throw NullPointerException. Contributed by Manoj Govindassamy.

YARN-5264. Store all queue-specific information in FSQueue. (Yufei Gu via kasha)

HDFS-10833. Fix JSON errors in WebHDFS.md examples.