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AIR 3.7 released

No longer require build number to passed along - git doesn't have a build number concept like SVN

Flash Player 11.7 no longer beta

Added release version of 11.7 Flash Player

FLEX-33480 Changed build file to include pt_PT, el_GR, en_AU, en_GB and en_CA locales

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Fixed: rat.report shouldn't be committed

Trying to push a change to a file using GIT via the origin/develop branch

Merge branch 'FLEX-33190' into develop

FLEX-33190: Corrected ASDOC comments to use the new release version that it was tested with.

FLEX-33477: Corrected the ASDOC tags for the versions implemented and tested the changes with.

FLEX-33288 reverted last commit and reset NaN to 0 in nearestValidValue inside Range.as

Added override to set value to ensure it is not set to NaN

FLEX-33477: Update ComboBox.as setSelectedIndex ASDOC comments to match that of the ListBase

FLEX-33350 updated CallOutButton - patch by Marcus Fritze

Changed setSelectedIndex from mxinternal to public.

Fixed HTML formating so class correctly compiles in asdocs

Fixed TLF path to be based on tif.branch not tlf.version

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Updated TLF referances to git repo

Changed release number to date format yyyyMMdd as Git has no simple revision number

Fixed TLF references form Git move

Fixed: Removed duplicated lines coming from the Gordon's commits

Merge branch 'FLEX-33451' into develop

Merge branch 'colorpicker_work' into develop

Added dataProvider and no color support to Color Picker

Added 3 more entries to .gitignore to suppress the build output that was showing up as 'Untracked files' in 'git status'

.exe files should be executable, for use in Cygwin

.bat files should be executable, for use in Cygwin

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.mxi files should not be executable

.ttf files should not be executable

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