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CAMEL-14036 - Added a link to configuring routes startup to user manual

CAMEL-13392 camel-bindy - Add allowEmptyStream option (#3227)

* CAMEL-13392 camel-bindy - Add allowEmptyStream option

* Rebuilt documentation and spring boot modules.

update column sizing to include third column (#3228)

CAMEL-14041: scheduled poll consumer - Add option to limit number of polls

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CAMEL-14036 - Added endpoint annotations link to user manual

CAMEL-14036 - Fixed camel-extra link

CAMEL-14036 - Added team link to user-manual

CAMEL-14036 - Added link to jmx-component in user manual

CAMEL-14036 - There is no RouteBuilder java in the camel-archetype-spring

CAMEL-13955: camel-sjms batch now supports aggregation strategy completion aware. Also add exchange property with detail how it was completed like the Aggregate EIP does.

CAMEL-14036 - Added creating-a-new-spring-based-camel-route link to user manual

CAMEL-14036 - Added camel-maven-archetypes link to user manual

CAMEL-14036 - Added camel-maven-plugin link to user manual

Upgrade Jgroups to version 4.1.6.Final

Upgrade vertx

CAMEL-13122: Added unit tests.

Update migration guide

CAMEL-14040: DefaultRegistry - findByType should return merged result incl fallback

Advice-with add more validation of inputs

CAMEL-14035: JDBC StreamList and outputClass does not work

Add XML schemas for release 3.0.0-RC2

chore(main): use RoutesBuilder instad of RouteBuilder (#3223)

CAMEL-13849 camel-atmos - Upgrade to Atmos client 3.x

CAMEL-14037: Migrated camel-consul to camel-testcontainers-junit5

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CAMEL-14037: Created camel-testcontainers-junit5 from camel-test-containers

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Replace MainSupport with BaseMainSupport in MainListener (#3222)

CAMEL-14031: Move stuff into BaseMainSupport for easier reuse in camel-quarkus and others


CAMEL-14039: Remove deprecated features in karaf.

CAMEL-12885: We have upgraded to spring data 2

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