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[CXF-7482] Let users customize Swagger2Feature with the external properties file

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Recording .gitmergeinfo Changes

fixed typo in log message

Fixing a typo in the eureka-registry/README

Using the env var for the user

Initial docker-compose.yml for spring-boot-scan

[CXF-7480] ClientCredsGrantHandler must enforce the client is confidential, also removing the unused code which is already done in AccessTokenService

[CXF-7479] Avoiding the method ordering issue

[CXF-7477] Support for 'none' auth method

[CXF-7478] Response stream can not be auto-closed if it is read implicitly

Fixing merge

Recording .gitmergeinfo Changes

Removing some unneeded code from the security unit tests

# Conflicts:

# rt/ws/security/src/test/java/org/apache/cxf/ws/security/wss4j/

[CXF-7476] Making sure public clients can be processed

Adding a couple of OAuth2 tests

Initial Docker work on spring_boot_scan

Recording .gitmergeinfo Changes

EhCache update

# Conflicts:

# parent/pom.xml

Updating jaxrs/spring_boot pom to support Docker

Fixing an issue if a SAML SSO Response is signed

[CXF-7474] Support for non URLClassLoaders

[CXF-7467] WSDLManagerImpl requires privileged actions in order to work under a security manager, patch from iweiss applied, This closes #303

Recording .gitmergeinfo Changes

Unit test for ContextUtils, patch from YashchenkoN applied, This closes #302

Unit test for ContextUtils, patch from YashchenkoN applied, This closes #302

Recording .gitmergeinfo Changes

NPE fix if a SAML Issuer is null

# Conflicts:

# rt/rs/security/sso/saml/src/main/java/org/apache/cxf/rs/security/saml/sso/

[CXF-7430] Avoiding the pretty-printing if the payload has been truncated, modified patch from Alex Korobko applied, This closes #294

update maven-compiler-plugin

CXF-7371: support for Java8-constants This closes #300