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[CXF-7420] Adding the file

[CXF-7420] Renaming JweCompactProducerBuilder to JweCompactBuilder

[CXF-7424] removing the redundant conversion code

[CXF-7424] Adding a test

Recording .gitmergeinfo Changes

misleading message when class not found This closes #276

[CXF-7420] Aligning JweCompactProducer with other JOSE helpers

[CXF-7418] Initial support for ValidateOnExecution

[CXF-7417] If the schemaSpecificPart is not null then assume it is an opaque URI update

Recording .gitmergeinfo Changes

[CXF-7416] Switch to using thread safe collections for the RM types since we send them directly into the marshal routines

# Conflicts:

# rt/ws/rm/src/main/resources/schemas/wsdl/wsrm-1.0.xjb

[CXF-7415] RM messages would not have anything asserted at this point, just results in bogus logs

# Conflicts:

# rt/ws/rm/src/main/java/org/apache/cxf/ws/rm/

[CXF-6728] Minor update

[CXF-6728] Adding an invalid curve test

[CXF-7414] Fix compile for jdk7

[CXF-7414] Don't resume if we know it's not the next message

[CXF-7414] More updates to resume the "next" message instead of whichever was first in teh continuation list

[CXF-7414] Test and fix for ws-rm out of order issue. Thanks to Dan

Fix duplicate dependency. This closes #283.

Picking up WSS4J release

Recording .gitmergeinfo Changes

Fixing ports

# Conflicts:

# services/sts/systests/basic/src/test/java/org/apache/cxf/systest/sts/intermediary_transformation/

[CXF-7407] Adding the helpers for protecting a non-JWT content

Merge branch '3.1.x-fixes' of into 3.1.x-fixes

[CXF-7400] Add dots to SwaggerUIResourceFilter regex, patch from Cody Raethke applied, This closes #280

[CXF-7393] Add message to jws/jwe exceptions, patch from Amir Behnam applied, This closes #277

[CXF-7401]CXF http-jetty fails to get private key if the jks keystore file contains multiple private keys with different password

(cherry picked from commit e877d30982ae970738495160090a8e948f33c199)

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Updating to WSS4J SNAPSHOT

Recording .gitmergeinfo Changes

Adding test for WSS-608

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# systests/ws-security/src/test/java/org/apache/cxf/systest/ws/https/