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provide note re backport

Add a note
Backport a part of r1722328 that have been missed when backported in 2.4.x in r1744951

This is only some extra spaces used for alignment

fr doc rebuild.

fr doc XML file update.

Fix some typo and add some extra information.

(r1866243 in trunk)

PR 63715 reported by WJCarpenter (bill-apache

Align some text in examples in order to synch a bit with trunk.

fr doc rebuild.

fr doc XML file update.

Copy the xsl file used by './ prettify' from trunk.

This allows to use it in the 2.4.x branch to in order to help refresh syntax highlight file.

Refresh prettify.js to update some missing syntax highlight

(mostly related to mod_md)

Fix a typo

(r1867253 in trunk)

+ remove some trailing spaces to synch with trunk

Backport proposal

fr doc rebuild.

fr doc XML file update.

Merge r1866078 from trunk:

* Make it obsolete to supply a starting pool

Improve dump_all_pools by making it obsolete to supply a starting pool.

If the parameter is not supplied ap_pglobal which is a global symbol is

used as starting pool.

The pool parameter is still accepted and considered for backwards

compatibility or if ap_pglobal cannot be resolved.

Submitted by: rpluem

Merge r1844889 from trunk:

* Add a command to dump some data from the scoreboard

Submitted by: rpluem

Merge r1829048 from trunk:

Dump server_rec ->addrs list in dump_server_rec.

Submitted by: jorton

Reviewed by: rpluem

update transformations.
update for sync with English docs.
vote / move proxy fix out of voting

Fix PR 63713 reported by WJCarpenter:

Add a small word about '\' which is used in the examples below.

Add some missing links (<module>, <directive>)

Improve some xml layout to have it readable.

(r1866233 in trunk)

+ some trailing spaces removal and alignmed in examples to synch with trunk.

Complete mod_md CMake config by adding a _requires iterator, using the official

curl FIND_PACKAGE logic and completing the jansson detection logic.

Backports: r1866131

Merge of r1866119 from trunk:

cmake for mod_md: interim fix by bill.

Proposed mod_ssl PKCS#11 cert/key support.

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