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update transformation

Typo correction.

Close chapter, following 2.2.x example
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documentation rebuild
  1. … 529 more files in changeset.
docs: modify banner to inform users that 2.2 is no longer maintained
happy new year's documentation rebuild
  1. … 558 more files in changeset.
Happy New Year 2018

Backport of r1820101 from trunk

resp. r1820103 from 2.4.x.

This was released - note no further releases expected
Clarify 2.2.33 that wasn't.
Add the CHANGES' security entry for 2.2.34.
Ensure docs follow suit
2.2.35-dev is most likely in our attic, but bump for disambiguation.
No longer dev, prepare to tag 2.2.34-final
Progress indicator
Fix negotiation type parsing to be strict about "*", "*/*" and "type/*"


Submitted by: wrowe, Robert Święcki <robert>

Backports: r1800917

Reviewed by: wrowe, jchampion, ylavic

Correct string scope to prevent duplicated values for subsequent tokens.

Submitted by: wrowe

Backports: r1800919

Reviewed by: wrowe, jchampion, ylavic

Vote, promote.
Two more string parsing oddities for consideration
Restore single-char field names inadvertantly disallowed in 2.4.25.

Backports: r1800173

PR: 61220

Submitted by: ylavic

Reviewed by: wrowe, jchampion, ylavic

Vote, promote.
Actually this was a vote for 1800111, not the revised patch
Vote, promote.

Added 2.2.x convenience patch.

Propose Yann's alternative
* Vote
And we are nominally at 2.2.34 although any further release is most unlikely
Prepare to tag 2.2.33
Make the range test legible; in the process, uncover and close

a bounds overflow condition. [wrowe]

Backports: r417252

Simplify and correctly range test lb_num. [jorton]

Discovered by Hisanobu Okuda

(No prior commit no)

Reviewed by: jorton, wrowe, ylavic