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JCR-4575: Update tomcat dependency to 8.5.55/7.0.104 (merged r1878185 into 2.12)
JCR-4547: Update tomcat dependency to 8.5.53/7.0.103 (merged r1875995 into 2.12)
JCR-4531: Update tomcat dependency to 8.5.51/7.0.100 (merged r1874367 into 2.12)
JCR-4420: Release Notes: term "SHA1" no longer allowed (ported to 2.12)
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release jackrabbit-2.12.10
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JCR-4389: Release Jackrabbit 2.12.10 - Candidate Release Notes
JCR-4293: jackrabbit-core: observation tests should not rely on mix:lockable mixin type (ported to 2.12)
JCR-4093: IndexRule are meant to be applied based on both primaryType and minin type based inheritance. Currently it appears that only primaryType based inheritance is working (ported to 2.12)
JCR-4254: Update Logback version to >= 1.2.0, SLF4J accordingly (ported to 2.12)
JCR-4326: Update aws java sdk version to 1.11.330 (consistent with Oak) (ported to 2.12)
JCR-4231: Upgrade aws-java-sdk-s3 dependency to 1.11.241 (ported to 2.12)
JCR-4321: Update maven plugins from org.apache.maven.plugins (ported to 2.12)
JCR-4322: Consistent use of log4j versions (ported to 2.12)
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JCR-4333: Update javax.transaction dependency to 1.3 (ported to 2.12)
JCR-4338: avoid use of javax.rmi.PortableRemoteObject (removed in Java 11) (ported to 2.12)
JCR-4320: Update spotbugs plugin to 3.1.5 (ported to 2.12)
JCR-4318: Update failsafe and surefire plugin versions to 2.22.0 (ported to 2.12)
JCR-4306: switch to findbugs replacement that is still maintained (spotbugs) (ported to 2.12)
JCR-4294: TCK tests should pass on repositories without locking support (ported to 2.12)
JCR-4292: davex: preserve cause in exceptions and log affected URI (ported to 2.12)
JCR-4291: FileInputStream for workspace.xml not closed in RepositoryConfig.loadWorkspaceConfig(File) (ported to 2.12)

(patch by Jan Quadflieg)

JCR-4324: NPE on Version.getLinearPredecessor() implementation (ported to 2.12)
JCR-4302: BTreeManager: fix Eclipse compiler error (ported to 2.12)
JCR-4280: code coverage checks fail on Java 10 (ported to 2.12)
JCR-4272: Upgrade surefire and failsafe plugins to 2.21.0 (ported to 2.12)
JCR-4307: Update animal-sniffer-maven-plugin to 1.16 (ported to 2.12)
JCR-4264: jackrabbit-standalone: align commons-cli dependency with oak (ported to 2.12)
JCR-4263: jcr-server, jackrabbit-bundle: align org.osgi dependencies with oak (ported to 2.12)
JCR-4262: jcr-server: align org.apache.felix.scr.annotations with oak (ported to 2.12)