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Aligning version for oak-doc pom
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release jackrabbit-oak-1.8.17
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Release Notes updated for 1.8.17
OAK-8591: Conflict exception on commit

Merge revisions 1866382,1866697,1866730 from trunk

OAK-8535: oak-it-osgi fails with encrypted credentials in settings.xml (backport r1864683 from trunk)

OAK-8532: Osgi based test to verify tika setup is working (backport r1864667, r1864674 and r1864681 from trunk)

Useful versions are referred from versions.properties resource.

Some bundles are hard-coded to their version in the test itself as they seem

to be only useful for poi and any OSGi setup that would use poi would

anyway need to wrap poi into a bundle and hence would most likely inline

these hard-coded ones as well (where OSGi resolution would help catch

errors in those cases).

OAK-8232: Node#setPrimaryType(String) does not create child nodes defined as autoCreated (merged r1857589 and r1857592 into 1.8)

NodeImpl will now auto-create child nodes when a new primary type requires that.

OAK-8594: Update Oak 1.8 to Jackrabbit 2.16.5
OAK-8449: LastRev check/fix in DocumentNodeStore MBean

Merge revision 1862746 from trunk

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release jackrabbit-oak-1.8.16
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RELEASE-NOTES - Jackrabbit Oak 1.8.16
OAK-8560: Update jackson-databind dependency to (merged r1865752 into 1.8)
fix svn:eol-style
OAK-8504: oak-run: update groovy dependency to 2.4.17 (merged r1863645 into 1.8)
OAK-8066 - Prevent OOME when rebasing nodes with many children

Contribution by Rahul Bhardwaj.

OAK-8503: oak-benchmarks: update commons-compress dependency to 1.18 (merged r1863642 into 1.8)
OAK-8502: oak-examples/standalone: update spring boot dependency to 1.5.21 (merged r1863634 into 1.8)
OAK-8501: oak-examples/webapp: update htmlunit dependency to 2.35.0 (merged r1863633 into 1.8)
OAK-8486: update jackson-databind dependency to (merged r1863405 into 1.8)
OAK-8485: RDB*Store: update mssql jdbc driver reference to 7.2.2 (merged r1863086 into 1.8)
OAK-8483: RDB*Store: update mysql jdbc driver reference to 8.0.16 (merged r1863081 into 1.8)
OAK-8481: RDB*Store: update postgresql jdbc driver reference to 42.4.6 (merged r1863076 into 1.8)
OAK-8479: update rat plugin to 0.13 (merged r1863977 into 1.8)
OAK-8476: RDBVersionGCSupport returns incorrect value for "oldest deleted document" (merged r1862926 and r1862927 into 1.8)
OAK-8456: Update httpclient/mime dependencies to 4.5.9 (merged r1862447 into 1.8)
OAK-8445: RDB documentation: minor fixes to documentation of revisions command (merged r1862266 into 1.8)
OAK-8432: Update war-plugin dependency to version 3.2.3 (merged r1861780 into 1.8)
OAK-8431: Update shade-plugin dependency to version 3.2.1 (merged r1861776 into 1.8)