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* STATUS: As far as I know, Subversion 1.8.x is end of life.

* STATUS: Nominate r1850651.

On all branches:

.: Removed redundant SVN properties

  1. … 78 more files in changeset.
Merge the 1.8.x-sqlite-compatibility-docu branch:

* r1828782

Document build issues with certain SQLite versions using Visual Studio



Help new users to prevent avoidable build issues.




+1: luke1410

* STATUS: Approve documentation fix (doesn't need voting).
* STATUS (1.8.x): Nominate r1828782.
* STATUS (1.8.x): Vote for 1.8.x-issue4686 branch.

* STATUS (1.8.x): Vote for r1823327.

* STATUS (1.8.x): Vote for 1.8.x-fsfs-txn-access branch.

* STATUS: Nominate r1823327.
* STATUS: Nominate fix for SVN-4686 (Unable to parse reversed revision range)
Merge the 1.8.x-issue4707 branch:

* r1816069,1816106

Issue #4707: svnrdump dump: 2GB limit on content-length header.


Large file support is broken in svnrdump <= 1.8.


Only <= 1.8.x was broken; 1.9.x uses refactored code without the bug.

Ideally we'd add a regression test; I'll leave that decision to reviewers.




+1: julianfoad, luke1410, rhuijben

* STATUS: Cast vote. Approve the issue #4704 fix.
* STATUS: Update nomination for issue #4707 (svnrdump 2 GB fix).

Change luke1410's vote to +1, at his request.

* STATUS: changing vote to -0 for #4707-fix and removing from approved changes
* STATUS: vote and approve issue #4707 fix for 1.8.x.
* STATUS: Cast vote.
* STATUS: Propose r1816069 (issue #4707, svnrdump 2 GB limit) for 1.8.x.
On the 1.8.x branch: Merge r1804692 from trunk.

This is a documentation fix for CVE-2017-9800. As a documentation fix it

requires no voting.

Bump 1.8.x patch level post-release.

* CHANGES: Bump.

* subversion/include/svn_version.h: Bump.

On the 1.8.x branch: properly resolve CHANGES conflict.
On the 1.8.x branch: merge CHANGES from trunk and resolve conflict.
Merge r1804691 from trunk:

* CVE-2017-9800


Malicious server can execute arbitrary command on client.


patch: CVE-2017-9800/CVE-2017-9800-1.8.patch


+1: philip, danielsh, stsp

+1: astieger (without r78105)


Add r1803435 (svnadmin load vs. SHA1 collision warnings).


Retract the r1536854 nomination as using 1.9 for dumps is an alternative now.

Post-release housekeeping: bump the 1.8.x branch to 1.8.19.
On the 1.8.x branch, merge r1800619 from trunk to update CHANGES.

Merge the 1.8.x-strict-repsharing-branch:

* r1785737, r1785738, r1785734, r1786447, r1785754, r1786445, r1786446, r1786515, r1794611, r1800387

Make FSFS consistency no longer depend on hash algorithms.


This eliminates any existing or future FSFS vulnerability due to

attacks on MD5 or SHA1.




Depends on r1759116 for correctness with older APR.

While the backport code is very close to the /trunk changes, it is

easier to review them as r1787637, r1787638 and r1787652 on the branch.

[Will create a text conflict with the r1785053 backport. Depending on

which change gets merged first, the respective other must be updated.]

r1800387 did the above merge and resolved the text conflicts.


+1: stefan2, stsp, rhuijben

* STATUS: Approve the strict-rep-sharing backport by casting vote.

Extend my vote on the strict-rep-sharing group to include r1800387.