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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release drill-1.8.0

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DRILL-4852: Fix performance regression for COUNT(*) query over large JSON table

close apache/drill#576

DRILL-4857: Maintain pruning status and populate ParquetGroupScan's entries field with only the selection root if no partition pruning was done.

close apache/drill#575

DRILL-4854: Fix logic error in drill-config.sh

The check of the log directory should use an OR instead of AND.

closes #572

DRILL-4833: Insert exchanges on the inputs of union-all such that the parent and children can be independently parallelized.

Add planner option to enable/disable distribution for union-all.

close apache/drill#566

DRILL-4836: Handle NodeExistsException in ZookeeperClient#put (race condition)

ZK Issue during Drillbit startup, possibly due to race condition.

A change made in February created a race condition if two Drillbits

attempt to create the same storage plugin node at the same time.

Revised the code to eliminate the race condition by relying on an

exception to detect that the node already exists.

closes #564

DRILL-4795: Nested aggregate windowed query fails - IllegalStateException

close apache/drill#563

DRILL-4825: Fix incorrect result issue caused by partition pruning when same table is queried multiple times with different filters in query.

1) Introduce DirPrunedEnumerableTableScan which will take file selection as part of digest.

2) When directory-based pruning happens, create instance of DirPrunedEnumerableTableScan.

DRILL-4846: Fix a few performance issues for metadata access:

- Create a MetadataContext that can be shared among multiple invocations of the Metadata APIs.

- Check directory modification time only if not previously checked.

- Remove a redundant call for metadata read.

- Added more logging.

- Consolidate couple of metadata methods.

close apache/drill#569

Add Jinfeng's GPG key.

DRILL-4822: Add site directory to distrib-env.sh search path

closes #558

DRILL-4816: Fix sqlline command line parsing (sqlline -f failed to read the query file)

This closes #557

DRILL-4819: Update MapR version to 5.2.0

closes #556

DRILL-4801: Fix TextFormatPlugin#hashcode and #equals to use extractHeader attribute

closes #554

DRILL-4690: remove dependency introduced in DRILL-4690 for jdbc-all

DRILL-4786: Read the metadata cache file from the least common ancestor directory when multiple partitions are selected.

close apache/drill#553

DRILL-4499: Remove 16 unused classes

This closes #426

DRILL-4794: Fix a premature exit of the outer loop during pruning.

close apache/drill#550

DRILL-3710: New option for the IN LIST size to convert into join

Cosmetic changes

close apache/drill#552

DRILL-4785: Avoid checking for hard affinity scans in limit 0 shortcut cases

DRILL-4715: Fix IOBE for concurrent query planning by applying fix of CALCITE-1009.

Fix is done in CALCITE-1009, thanks to huntersjm(huntersjm@163.com)'s analysis.

DRILL-4783: flatten operator handle empty resultset(and schema unknown due to this)

close apache/drill#546

DRILL-4746: Verification Failures (Decimal values) in drill's regression tests.

This closes #545

Drill-4581: Extensive revisions to the Drill launch scripts.

See DRILL-4581 and DRILL-4591 for an overview.

See DRILL-4581 for a detailed list of bugs fixed.

See DRILL-4591 for the motivation for the new "site" directory support.

Changes support DRILL-1170 (Drill-on-YARN).

Broad overview of changes:

* Extended the existing "config" directory concept to create a

"site" directory that holds all site-specific files, leaving the

Drill directory ($DRILL_HOME) to contain only Drill-provided files.

The site directory is handy for all Drill users because it eases

upgrades, but is necessary to simplify Drill-on-YARN deployments.

Use the --config (for backward compatibility) or --site (more

descriptive) option to point to the site directory.

* Moved distribution-specific settings, and Drill defaults, out of

drill-env.sh. Now, drill-env.sh contains only user settings, avoiding

the need to do multi-way merges on upgrades. Distribution-specific

files now reside in a new $DRILL_HOME/conf/distrib-env.sh file.

* Refactored the launch scripts to allow the bulk of setup to be shared

between the "classic" Drill daemon script (drillbit.sh) and the new

Drill-on-YARN scripts.

* Added a new "run" option to drillbit.sh to allow Drill to run as a

child process as needed by tools such as Apache Mesos.

* Changes ensure backward compatibility. Users of earlier releases can

upgrade to the release with this fix without doing anything special.

Drill will "just work." However, users can optionally clean up the

drill-env.sh script, optionally use the site directory, and so on.

However these upgrades are not required.

closes #547

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DRILL-4766: FragmentExecutor should use EventProcessor and avoid blocking rpc threads

closes #561

DRILL-4768: Fix leaking hive meta store connection in Drill's hive metastore client call.

- do not call reconnect if the connection is still alive and the error is caused by either UnknownTableException or access error.

- call close() explicitly before reconnect() and check if client.close() will hit exception.

- make DrillHiveMetaStoreClient closable.

close apache/drill#543

Fix for DRILL-4759: Drill throwing array index out of bound exception when reading a parquet file written by map reduce program

Added unit test case.

Updated fix

DRILL-4695: Log error thrown out of drillbit.run before close.

This closes #537

Update version to 1.8.0-SNAPSHOT.

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DRILL-4743: Allow new options to control filter selectivity (min/max bounds)

Addressed review comments 2

Addressed review comments 3

close apache/drill#534