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OAK-8691: Incorrect base state from node builder

Enable test on unaffected branch

OAK-8691: Incorrect base state from node builder

Merged revision 1868247 from trunk

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release jackrabbit-oak-1.6.18
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Reverting version changes to reactor pom
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release jackrabbit-oak-1.6.18
Release notes for 1.6.18
OAK-8596: Update Oak 1.6 to Jackrabbit 2.14.8
OAK-8560: Update jackson-databind dependency to (merged r1865752 into 1.6)
OAK-8486: update jackson-databind dependency to (merged r1863405 into 1.6)
OAK-7956: Conflict may leave behind _collisions entry

Merge revisions 1848729 and 1848769 from trunk

OAK-7577: Update maven plugins from org.apache.maven.plugins (merged r1834109 into 1.6)
OAK-7689: Update maven plugins from org.apache.maven.plugins (merged r1837596 into 1.6)
OAK-7472: tests should pass with locking disabled (merged r1831689 into 1.6)
OAK-7833: oak-examples/webapp: update groovy dependency (merged r1843905 into 1.6)
OAK-8341: Include tomcat-jdbc/juli in oak-run (merged r1859772 into 1.6)
OAK-8414: Update jar-plugin dependency to 3.1.2 (merged r1861626 into 1.6)
OAK-8016: RDBDocumentStore: minor improvements to GZIP compression of BLOB contents (merged r1852601 into 1.6)
OAK-7823: examples: use project-wide logback version 1.2.3 instead of 1.1.7 (merged r1843618 into 1.6)
OAK-8052: PersistentCache: failure during construction may lead to resource leak (merged r1854034 into 1.6)
OAK-8472: Typo in oak-run console refresh command help

Merge revision 1862881 from trunk

OAK-7826: examples: remove unused slf4f related vars from pom (merged r1843621 into 1.6)
OAK-8135: HTTP service may not select correct media type if multiple are specified in Accept header field (merged r1855993 into 1.6)
OAK-8310: Potentially misleading conflict exception message (merged r1859020 into 1.6)
OAK-7333: RDBDocumentStore: refactor index report (merged r1826560 into 1.6)
OAK-6049: incorrect metatype annotations in CustomRestrictionProvider exercise (merged r1790417 into 1.6)
OAK-5361: switch to stable release of org.apache.directory.api.api-all (merged r1815115 into 1.6)
OAK-7159: RDBDocumentStore: use try-with-resources for nodes cache locks (merged r1821178 into 1.6)
OAK-7181: RDBDocumentStore: use try-with-resources for ChangesTracker (merged r1821663 into 1.6)