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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release drill-1.6.0

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DRILL-4493 - Fixed issues in various POMs with MapR profile This closes #421

DRILL-4482: Fix Avro nested field selection regression

Update some of the Avro tests to properly verify their results,

others still need to be fixed. These will be addressed in DRILL-4110.

Closes #419

DRILL-4474: Ensure that ConvertCountToDirectScan does not push through project when nullable input of count is not RexInputRef This closes #416

DRILL-4487: add unit test for DRILL-4449

DRILL-4485 - MapR profile - switch to MapR 5.1.0, and improve compatibility with maprfs storage format and MapR DB storage plugin. This closes #417

DRILL-4483: Fix text plan regression in query profiles

DRILL-4457: Difference in results returned by window function over BIGINT data

this closes #410

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DRILL-4281: Support authorized proxy users to impersonate other users

closes #400

DRILL-4486: Fix expression serialization escaping

Closes #412

DRILL-4474: Ensure that ConvertCountToDirectScan only pushes through project when project is trivial. This closes #406

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DRILL-4467: Fix field ordering issue in PrelUtil

DRILL-4443: MIN/MAX on VARCHAR throw a NullPointerException

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DRILL-4441: Fix varchar data read out of Avro filtering incorrectly due to metadata bug

The precision of the Varchar datatype was not being set causing inconsistent

truncation of values to the default length of 1. Fixed the same issue with varbinary.

The test framework was previously taking a string as the baseline for a binary value,

which cannot express all possible values. Fixed the test to intstead use a byte array.

Thie required updating the hive tests that were using the old method of specifying

baselines with a String.

Fix cast to varbinary when reading from a data source with schema needed for writing

a test.

Updated patch to remove varchar lengths from table creation.

This issue was fixed more generally by DRILL-4465, which provides a default

type length for varchar and varbinary during the setup of calcite. This update now

just provides tests to verify the fix in this case.

Closes #393

DRILL-4465: Simplify Calcite parsing & planning integration

- Canonicalize Planning phases with PlannerPhase enumeration

- Canonicalize PlannerType transforms

- Remove dependency on Calcite's Frameworks.Planner since Drill need stop heavily customize interactions

- Update AbstractStoragePlugin to implement a phase-aware planning rule injection behavior.

- Avoid (or at least reduce) duplicated registerSchemas() invocations

This closes #401.

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DRILL-4449: Wrong results when metadata cache is used with specific set of queries

close apache/drill#392

DRILL-4434: Deprecate GroupScan.enforceWidth API

DRILL-4332: Makes vector comparison order stable in test framework

In the test framework, a vector is a map of <String, Object>. When comparing

actual values with baseline, the comparison is made column by column, but

a HashMap key ordering is not guaranteed, and the ordering actually changed

between Java7 and Java8 in Oracle/OpenJDK.

Replacing HashMap with TreeMap which has a guaranteed ordering by design.

Small update by jason during merge, fixed test failure on JDK 7 due to map key ordering,

just replaced two more uses of HashMap with TreeMap.

Closes #389

DRILL-3488: Allow Java 1.8

DRILL-4423: TestCsvHeader#testEmptyFinalColumn is causing the unit test framework to print 10K rows in Stdout

this closes #387

DRILL-4384: Fix Profile regressions

Update version to 1.6.0-SNAPSHOT

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DRILL-4392: Fix CTAS partition to remove one unnecessary internal field in generated parquet files.

DRILL-4410: ListVector should initialize bits in allocateNew

Remove large arrays.json files and generate it in /tmp, Check test results

Add another unit test for ListVector in TestValueVector, and use tempDir in TestComplexTypeReader

Closes #380

DRILL-4275: create TransientStore for short-lived objects; refactor PersistentStore to introduce pagination mechanism

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DRILL-4313: C++ Client - Thread safe Logging. Improved Drill bit selection. - Update random drill bit selection. Shuffle the list initially, then round robin. Add Utility methods to get random numbers and to shuffle and add vectors. Whitespace cleanup - Add Git properties to build and print to log. - Add interface to get error based on query handle. - Add support for Pooled connections. Allows switching between pooled and unpooled connections based on environment variables

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DRILL-4387: GroupScan or ScanBatchCreator should not use star column in case of skipAll query.

The skipAll query should be handled in RecordReader.

DRILL-4383: Allow custom configurations to be specified for a FileSystem plugin

add an example s3 plugin, disabled by default

Closes #375

DRILL-3688: Drill should honor "skip.header.line.count" and "skip.footer.line.count" attribute of Hive table

1. Functionality to skip header and footer lines while reading Hive data.

2. Unit tests.

DRILL-4362: Exclude log4j for hbase dependency under mapr profile

This closes #366