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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release drill-1.5.0

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DRILL-4353: Add HttpSessionListener to release resources of expired/invalidated sessions

DRILL-4235: record new state STARTING when state transitions to STARTING from ENQUEUED

DRILL-4349: parquet reader returns wrong results when reading a nullable column that starts with a large number of nulls (>30k)

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Temporary fix for build issue with generated dependency-reduced-pom.xml

This generated pom file was being discovered and maven was trying to

run the target directory in jdbc-all as a submodule.

This change reverts to the default output location (the module root)

and adds corresponding .gitignore and RAT exclude entries.

More investigation of why this became an issue when we added the

maven-enforcer plugin to the module (and only appears when running a release)

will come in DRILL-4336.

Also updated intergration test for the jdbc-all jar with small

path change, as changing the location of the dependency-reduced-pom.xml

actually changed the directory the test was being executed from.

DRILL-4128: Fix NPE when calling getString on a JDBC ResultSet when the type is not varchar

Adding Jason's GPG key

DRILL-4328: Fix backward compatibility regression caused by DRILL-4198

DRILL-4322: Add underlying exception message when IOException causes DROP TABLE failure

This closes #344

DRILL-2653: Improve web UI experience when there is an error in a storage plugin configuration

Fixed success message, made the error messages red

This closes #343

DRILL-4196 Fix to stop returning no more data when output batch is full during merge.

DRILL-4313: CPP client - Improve method to pick random drillbit from a cluster. Update build for protobuf changes. This closes #346

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DRILL-4291: Fix Missing classes when trying to query varchar[] using JDBC

- Create a new simplified version of the Hadoop Text class that doesn't include massive dependencies.

- Update Vectors to use new Text class.

- Update the jdbc-all module to have a test which also includes complex types.

- Clean up exclusions in Jdbc jar file to reduce file size.

- Add an enforcer rule that ensures the adbc-all jar exclusions are maintained in the future.

This closes #336.

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DRILL-4288: Removes obsolete protobuf-generated files

This closes #332.

DRILL-4278: Heap memory leak issues

- Fix issue where WorkspaceConfig was not returning consistent hashCode()s for equal objects.

- Fix issue where we were misusing recycler causing object reference leaks

This closes #331.

DRILL-4285: Bumps FMPP version to 0.9.15/FreeMarker to 2.3.21

FMPP 0.9.14 pom.xml specifies a version range for FreeMarker dependency,

which should be okay except that latest SNAPSHOT version doesn't resolve


FMPP 0.9.15 now uses a fixed stable version (2.3.21).

This closes #330.

DRILL-4131: Move RPC allocators under Drill's root allocator & accounting

- Allow settings to be set to ensure RPC reservation and maximums (currently unset by default). Defaults set in drill-module.conf

- Add new metrics to report RPC layer memory consumption.

- Check for memory leaks from RPC layer at shutdown.

- Add a multi-Drillbit single JVM safe DrillMetrics.register()

- Remove invalid verifyAllocator checks while RPC connection (and PING/PONG) are maintained

This closes #327.

DRILL-4277: Fix for JdbcPrel serialization issue.

This closes #326.

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DRILL-4256: Create HiveConf per HiveStoragePlugin and reuse it wherever needed.

Creating new instances of HiveConf() are very costly, we should avoid creating new ones as much as possible.

Also get rid of hiveConfigOverride and use HiveConf in HiveStoregPlugin wherever we need the HiveConf.

DRILL-4270: Create a separate WindowFramer that supports the FRAME clause

separate DefaultFrameTemplate into 2 implementations: one that supports custom frames (aggregations, first_value, last_value) and one that doesn't

this closes #322

DRILL-4241: Various Type Fixes

DRILL-4241: Fixing the build, make RAT and checkstyle happy.

DRILL-4246: Fix Allocator concurrency bug and improve error detection

- Rename the internal DrillBuf field to udle to better express its purpose.

- Rename AllocatorManager to AllocationManager to better express its purpose.

- Address situation where dangling ledger could be transferred into while it was being released released by protecting association and release inside the AllocationManager.

- Add allocator assertions to ensure allocator operations are done while the allocator is open.

- Simplify AllocationManager locking model.

- Exclude HDFS reference to netty-all

- Improve debugging messages for allocators (and fix debug message bugs)

This closes #323.

DRILL-4257: Fix StoragePluginRegistry clean-up behavior and misc clean up.

- Create the storage plugin registry using a Drill configuration parameter to be able to replace the registry implementation.

- Change StoragePluginRegistry into an interface and move the implementation to an impl class.

- Write documentation for StoragePluginRegistry.

- Make StoragePluginRegistry and StoragePluginMap AutoCloseable and ensure that Drillbit closes registry.

- Misc Drillbit code reorganization so that fields are at top of class (and static methods at bottom).

- Update DrillConfig to support reflection-based creation of storage plugin objects

- Remove final from DrillConfig so that application developers can extend config object.

This closes #321.

DRILL-4174: fix for DRILL-4081 mistakenly regresses the fix for DRILL-3786

DRILL-4250: Fix directory-based partition pruning when directory has both subdirectory and file.

DRILL-3845: UnorderedReceiver shouldn't terminate until it receives a final batch

MergingRecordBatch doesn't wait for last batch when it's an early termination

this closes #319

DRILL-4190 Don't hold on to batches from left side of merge join.

Fix issue where FutureBitComment didn't return buffer as part of future.

DRILL-4238: Add a custom RPC interface on the Control channel for extensible communication between bits.

This closes #313.

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