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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release drill-1.4.0

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DRILL-4165 Add a precondition for size of merge join record batch.

DRILL-4165 remove redundant call to setting hash join session option.

DRILL-4165 Fix a bug in counting records in outgoing batch.

DRILL-4159: Remove trailing space

DRILL-4159: Use test framework in TestCsvHeader

DRILL-4109 Increase timeout on merge join tests.

Accidently reverted last change.

DRILL-4145: Handle empty final field in Text reader correctly

Add Venki's key to KEYS

DRILL-4125 Fix for invalid inner cursor.

DRILL-4146: Concurrent queries hang in planner. Fix is in Calcite (CALCITE-874).

close apache/drill#285

DRILL-4109 Fix NPE in RecordIterator.

DRILL-4124: Make all uses of AutoCloseables use addSuppressed exceptions to avoid noise in logs

This closes #281

DRILL-3543: Add stats for external sort to a query profile

this closes #280

DRILL-4111: turn tests off in travis as they don't work there

this closes #267

DRILL-4119: Modify hash32 functions to combine the msb and lsb bytes of a 64-bit hash value (previously, we were casting to integer).

- Use this new set of functions (for all data types) for creating the hash values needed for hash distribution, hash joins etc.

- Rename HashFunctions to Hash32Functions to be consistent with the Hash64 counterpart.

- Many data types did not have a hash32AsDouble equivalent...added these.

- Add hash32 functions with seed.

- Fix unit tests, add "hash" as a synonym for "hash32".

- Rename HashBigInt to BigIntHash everywhere to be consistent with other names.

close apache/drill#279

DRILL-4063: Add s3a dependency jars and example core-site.xml

This closes #265

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DRILL-4108: Handle non existing cols for query w extractHeader

Closes #269

DRILL-4103: add drill.version to parquet metadata

This closes #264

DRILL:3854: Ensure the readIndex of DrillBuf[] returned by ValueVector.getBuffers points at 0

DRILL-2618: handle queries over empty folders consistently so that they report table not found rather than failing. Refactor FileSelection to eliminate redundancy, make it more managable Fix WorkspaceSchemaFactory to handle empty folders. Introduce ParquetFileSelection, a sub-class of FileSelection that carries along metadata cache Fix MagicStringMatcher so that it operate on files only. Unit test file selection

DRILL-4094: Respect skipTests in JDBC plugin tests.

Modifies the pom.xml for the JDBC plugin to respect the maven

-DskipTests flag.

This closes #261

DRILL-4089: make JSON pretty printing configurable Use system dependent line-feed to seperate records when pretty printing is turned off refactor ExecConstants to eliminate unneeded modifier & accessor declarations

DRILL-4056: Fix corruption bug reading string data out of Avro

- Fix issue where we are reading a byte array without considering length

- Removed use of unnecessary Holder objects.

- Added restriction on batch size produced by a single call to next.

- Add some basic result verification to avro tests.

This closes #266

DRILL-4081: Handle schema changes in ExternalSort

closes #257

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DRILL-4047: Support querying a table with options

- simplify DrillOperatorTable; separate TranslatableTable from DrillTable

- fix table name in error message; improve tests debugability

- FormatCreator refactor

Update calcite fork version to r9

This closes #246

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DRILL-2601: log the query text and query id right at the beginning of foreman's runSQL().

Roll forward to 1.4.0-SNAPSHOT

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DRILL-4083: ScanPrel's CPU cost should not be zero even if column count is zero

close apache/drill#253