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* STATUS: Leave a breadcrumb for finding our way back to a couple of deleted

conflict resolution branches.

Per the proposal in,

Add release stream openness indications to the STATUS files on our

various release branches.

(With much love for sparse directories, which allowed me to commit

this atomically from a working copy only 440 kb big.)

* branches/1.0.x/STATUS,

* branches/1.1.x/STATUS,

* branches/1.2.x/STATUS,

* branches/1.3.x/STATUS

Note that these release streams are closed.

* branches/1.4.x/STATUS

Note that this stream is open for important fixes, but has been

superceded by 1.5.x.

* branches/1.5.x/STATUS

Note that this release stream is open for bugfixes.

* STATUS: Nominate r24483, including vote from dlr.
Fix issue 2751: Lost prop-mods on overlapping commits.

Approved by: +1 cmpilato, dlr, dionisos

    • ?
* STATUS: Vote.
Move veto-blocked changes into a separate section.
Propose the issue #2751 fix for backport.
Merge r22689 from trunk into the 1.3.x branch, fixing an off-by-1 bug

when resizing stringbufs.

Approved by: +1: dionisos, dlr, malcolm

* STATUS: Vote for r22689, approving.

* STATUS: Nominate r22689, including vote from dionisos.
* STATUS: Veto the BDB backport, since the list of revisions provided is not


Branch: 1.3.x

* STATUS (r20741, r20743):

- Update Branch: to use branches/1.3.x-r20741.

- Add a description that a segmentation fault is occurred

in the Ruby binding.

* STATUS: Nominate r20741 and r20743.

* STATUS: Nominate fixes to allow building RPMs on x86-64 architecture.

* STATUS: Fix typos and reformat.

* STATUS: Fix typo.
* STATUS: Nominate r20041 to simplify RPM build package requirements.

* subversion/po/nb.po: Merge changed messages from trunk r18731:19864 to

the 1.3.x branch. One message manually defuzzyfied.

* subversion/po/zh_TW.po: Update translatins on 1.3.x branch, merging from trunk.
* /1.3.x/STATUS: Fix heading: 1.3.2 is released, this is now STATUS for 1.3.3.

Nominate r19968.

* /1.4.x/STATUS: Nominate r19968.

* STATUS: Nominate and vote for 19915.
Bump the 1.3.x branch version number to 1.3.3.
Merge r19749:HEAD of CHANGES from trunk to the 1.3.x branch,

conspicuously avoiding r19525 to not have a 1.4.0 section.

Correct merge r18504/r18509 from trunk to 1.3.x, removing the extra

copy of the svnauthz-validate tool.

+1: rooneg, dlr, djames (build.conf changes only)

Merge r18504/r18509 from trunk to 1.3.x, adding the svnauthz-validate


+1: rooneg, dlr, djames (build.conf changes only)

Merge r18114, r18681 from trunk to the 1.3.x branch.

Fix bug: named substitutions gathered from defaults.for_repos were

being ignored for sections which contained a specific for_repos

option, and for fallback invocations of the [defaults] section.


+1: maxb, danderson

Merge r19149, r19151 from trunk to the 1.3.x branch.

Fix mis-reporting of failed repository creation by svntest.


+1: dlr, lundblad, danderson

* STATUS: Vote for r19149,-51 and r18114,-681, approving them.

Merge r18853 from trunk.

Document that the SWIG bindings are compatible with SWIG 1.3.28


Depends on r17280 et al.


+1: malcolm, dlr