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DRILL-3918: During expansion save the metadata for future use.

close apache/drill#196

DRILL-3917: During file selection expansion, get the metadata for the directory by reading the metadata file. Ensure the selection root format is the same as the format of the files. Add unit test.

close apache/drill#195

DRILL-3916: Add JDBC plugin to assembly

This commits adds the JDBC plugin jar to the assembly so that it can be

loaded by Drill as a storage plugin.

DRILL-3901: Don't do early expansion of directory in the non-metadata-cache case because it already happens during ParquetGroupScan's metadata gathering operation.

Update unit test that was changed by a previous fix for DRILL-3788

upgading maven-release plugin to fix release issues

DRILL-3892: Once usedMetadataFile is set to true, don't change it. Modify unit test to test partition pruning with metadata cache. Fix indentation for a comment.

adding gpg signing key for adeneche

DRILL-3888: Build test jars for all Drill Modules

Move the test jar configuration to the root pom and remove it from individual module's pom.

This closes #188

DRILL-2361: Allow column aliases to include dots.

DRILL-3887: Fix bug where metadata file not being used

DRILL-3884: Fix lower parallelization issues with Hive's native scan.

This closes #185

DRILL-3791: Fix bugs in JDBC storage plugin

Fixes issues with bit, date, time and timestamp types in MySQL.

DRILL-3869: Allow queries submitted through the web UI to end with a semi-colon

This closes #178

DRILL-3479: Fix sqlline version for all profiles

DRILL-3788: part 2: When building the metadata file path for the single entry case, check if the entry is a directory.

Close apache/drill#179

DRILL-3874: flattening large JSON objects uses too much direct memory - add getBufferSizeFor() to ValueVector interface - add implememtations of getBufferSizeFor() for all ValueVector derivatives - add adaptive algorithm for adjusting batch size to flatten operator

DRILL-3257: Disable FilterSetOpTransposeRule, DrillProjectSetOpTransposeRule and add test cases

Close apache/drill#176

DRILL-3209: Add support for reading Hive parquet tables using Drill native parquet reader

DRILL-3788: Expand the file selection to contain all files within the directory while creating DynamicDrillTable

DRILL-3836: Find free port automatically in TestBitRpc

This closes #168

DRILL-3479: Sqlline shows incorrect version of Drill

DRILL-3784: simple Jdbc program fails with NoClassDefFoundError

DRILL-3822: Have PathScanner use own, not thread-context, class loader.

this closes #166

DRILL-3819: Remove redundant check to ignore files beginning with '.'

DRILL-3817: Disable rewriting compound identifier for refresh metadata query

DRILL-1457: Push Limit past through UnionExchange.

Close apache/drill#169

DRILL-3781: Group by system function in schema-based table.

Fix is in Calcite-886. Add unit test and bump forked Calcite version in Drill.

DRILL-2274: Unable to allocate sv2 buffer after repeated attempts : JOIN, Order by used in query

- when ExternalSortBatch.newSV2() couldn't allocate a new SV2 it spills the spilledBatchGroups instead of batchGroups, otherwise no memory will be released for the sort's allocator

- copierAllocator is closed as soon as possible to free more memory for the sort

this closes #172

DRILL-3811: AtomicRemainder incorrectly accounts for transferred allocations

this closes #163