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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release drill-1.14.0

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DRILL-6651: Add missing package statements

DRILL-6650: Remove stray semicolon in imports for PrintingResultsListener.

DRILL-6641: Fix columnValueCounts in ParquetGroupScanStatistics when ParquetGroupScan has RowGroupInfo without column statistics

DRILL-6639: Exception happens while displaying operator profiles for some queries

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DRILL-6637: Remove dependency on tests in the maven-javadoc-plugin in the drill-root pom

Increase jdbc-all jar size limit to 36500000

DRILL-6626: Fixed an IndexOutOfBoundException during aggregator rehash

DRILL-6627: Adding REGEX_SUB_SCAN operator to protobuf file

- The operator is added to Java based UserBitShared.proto and C++ based UserBitShared.pb.h

- Java and C++ protobuf files are regenerated

DRILL-6622: Fixed a NullPointerException in a query with Union

closes #1391

DRILL-6606: Fixed bug in HashJoin that caused it not to return OK_NEW_SCHEMA in some cases.

closes #1384

DRILL-6624: Fix loss of the table row type when the same schema name was specified as single path and as a complex path in the same query

closes #1390

Add public GPG key for user boaz to KEYS

DRILL-6614: Allow usage of MapRDBFormatPlugin for HiveStoragePlugin

DRILL-6104: Add Log/Regex Format Plugin

closes #1114

DRILL-6612: Query fails with AssertionError when joining persistent and temporary tables

DRILL-6603: Set num_nulls for parquet statistics to -1 when actual number is not defined.

DRILL-6588: Make Sys tables of nullable datatypes

This is to address the generic problem of NULL values being projected as a string because of all datatypes being non-nullable.

This patch only applies to tables backed by the PojoReader (in our case, System tables). Added NonNullable annotations wherever application in any of the System tables, along with a unit test that verifies both nullable and non-nullable datatypes exist in the system tables.

closes #1371

DRILL-6591: Show Exception for failed queries submitted in WebUI

* DRILL-6591: Show Exception for failed queries submitted in WebUI

When query fails on Web UI result page no error is shown, only "No result found."

This was because DRILL-6477 (PR #1309) switched to `WebUserConnection.await(long timeoutInMillis)` . Unlike the original `WebUserConnection.await()`, this method did not throw any UserException generated by a query failure. The fix was to use WebUserConnection.getError() method to know about failure of the query and throw UserRemoteException with that.

closes #1379

DRILL-5495: convert_from function on top of int96 data results in ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

DRILL-6574: Code cleanup

- Fixed failing test

DRILL-6601 LageFileCompilation testProject times out

closes #1378

DRILL-6472: Prevent using zero precision in CAST function

- Add check for the correctness of scale value;

- Add check for fitting the value to the value with the concrete scale and precision;

- Implement negative UDF for VarDecimal

- Add unit tests for new checks and UDF.

DRILL-6583: Add space between pagination links in Profiles (WebUI) list

Inject a small space to improve readability of the pagination links (CSS)

closes #1369

DRILL-5797: Use Parquet new reader on all non-complex columns queries

DRILL-6542 : IndexOutOfBoundsException for multilevel lateral queries with schema changed partitioned complex data

closes #1374

[DRILL-6587] Added support for custom SSL CTX Options

closes #1366

[DRILL-6586] Add SSL Hostname verification with zookeeper connection mode support

DRILL-6592: Unnest record batch size is called too frequently

closes #1376

DRILL-6596: Fix fillEmpties and set methods for Nullable variable length vectors to not use emptyByteArray

closes #1377