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* STATUS: Note that this 1.12.x branch is now 'closed'.
* STATUS: Nominate r1868575.
* STATUS: Nominate r1868151.
Merge r1866425 from trunk:

* r1866425

mod_dav_svn: Set Last-Modified response header for 'external' GET requests.


The Last-Modified header was removed in r1724790 for performance reasons.

However, for external requests the Last-Modified header is needed for

certain use cases. Bringing it back only for external requests fixes

these, while keeping the performance gain for checkout / update.


+1: jcorvel, brane

Merge r1864440 from trunk:

* r1864440

Fix 'svn patch' setting UNIX permissions to 0600 on files with props.


'svn patch' should honour the user's umask.

User complained:


+1: stsp, brane


Approve r1864440.

Approve r1866425.

* branches/1.12.x/STATUS: Vote for r1866425.
* STATUS: Nominate r1866425 (Last-Modified header) for 1.12.x too.

Merge r1865266 from trunk:

* r1865266

mod_dav_svn: Always install cleanup handler for FS warning logging.


FS warning logging cleanup handler was only installed in the presence

of an R->USER request field, which is unrelated.


+1: stsp, rhuijben, brane

Merge r1864025 from trunk:

* r1864025

fsfs, fsx: Make an error message clearer to developers.


Prevent hexadecimal values from being taken for decimal ones.


+1: danielsh, rhuijben, brane

Merge the r1863987 group from trunk:

* r1863987, r1863990

Fix format of Requires(.private) fields in pkg-config files


Fixes format of .pc files and specifies correct include/link flags


+1: jamessan, rhuijben, brane

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* branches/1.12.x/STATUS: Approve r1865266.
* branches/1.12.x/STATUS: Approve r1864025 (and actually add my vote to the r1863987 group).
* branches/1.12.x/STATUS: Vote for r1864440 and approve the r1863987 group.
* branches/1.10.x/STATUS, branches/1.12.x/STATUS:

Propose r1865987, r1866588 for backport.

* STATUS: Cast some votes.
* STATUS: Nominate r1865266.

* STATUS: Nominate r1864440.

* STATUS: Nominate r1864025.
* STATUS: Nominate r1863987, r1863990.
Post-release housekeeping: bump the 1.12.x branch to 1.12.3.
On the '1.12.x' branch: sync 'CHANGES' from trunk.
Post-release housekeeping: bump the 1.12.x branch to 1.12.2.
Merge the r1860936 group from trunk:

* r1860936, r1860951, r1860958

Provide a way for svnserve's 'get-deleted-rev' API to return 'not deleted'.


Error handling was inconsistent across RA layers.


+1: julianfoad, stsp

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Merge the r1859732 group from trunk:

* r1859732, r1859734

io: Implement the functions that check for node existence using the native

Win32 APIs on Windows.


- This allows us to remove the hack from r1833621 and properly handle

reparse points on Windows irrespectively of the used APR version.

- This improves the I/O performance by using only a single call to

GetFileAttributes(), which is much faster than the generic stat

implementations from APR 1.6.x and 1.7.x (the latter should be

even more slower).


+1: kotkov, rhuijben

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Merge the r1860175 group from trunk:

* r1860175,r1860186,r1860187,r1860188

Fix building Subversion with Visual Studio 2005 and 2008.


A change in 1.12 accidentally introduced a macro escaping issue

which broke compilation with these older versions of VC++.


Should have been a simple patch. But lack of this version on my

development machine made things harder.

(I don't see a problem with dropping VS200 2008 support with

a future Subversion version, but then we should provide better

documentation on that change.)


+1: rhuijben

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Merge r1857367 from trunk:

* r1857367

Fix memory lifetime problem in a libsvn_wc error code path.


Edge-case crash. Subversion should not crash.


+1: stsp, rhuijben

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Merge r1856397 from trunk:

* r1856397

Allow generating Visual Studio 2019 projects


Makes it easier to build Subversion on Windows. Simple local fix.


+1: rhuijben

Merge r1855419 from trunk:

* r1855419

Fix conflict resolver bug where local and incoming edits got swapped.


Bug breaks text conflict resolution.

User complained:


+1: stsp

+0: rhuijben

Mark all non-contentious nominated backports as approved, following our

silence-implies-consent decision.