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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release drill-1.12.0

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DRILL-6019: Only admin should be able to access shutdown resources and information about process and admin users

1. Only admin should be able to access shutdown resources via REST API.

2. Modified ClusterInfo to show information about process and admin users only when user is logged in and is admin.

3. Added drillbits comparison based on thier adress and ports to check if drillbits are the same (DRILL-6006)

closes #1065

DRILL-6017: Fix for SHUTDOWN button being visible for non Admin users

closes #1064

DRILL-5702: Jdbc Driver Class not found

1. Setting "package.namespace.prefix" to "oadd." by default for all profiles. It can be overridden if necessary within any profile.

2. Removing duplicated and redundant excluding of commons-logging packages.

closes #1063

DRILL-6007: Use default refresh timeout (10 seconds) if graceful shutdown timeout is set to 0.

closes #1062

DRILL-6000: Categorized graceful shutdown unit tests as SlowTests

closes #1056

DRILL-4779: Kafka storage plugin (Kamesh Bhallamudi & Anil Kumar Batchu)

closes #1052

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DRILL-5989: Categories some tests to speed up smoke tests. Made travis run tests.

closes #1053

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DRILL-5987: Use one version of javassist

closes #1048

DRILL-5981: Add syntax highlighting and error checking to plugin configuration page.

closes #1043

DRILL-5986: Update jackson-databind version to

closes #1046

DRILL-5980: Making queryType param for REST client case-insensitive

This closes #1044


closes #1033

DRILL-5972: Slow performance for query on INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLE

closes #1038

DRILL-5968: Add support for empty service_host user property

This closes #1037

DRILL-5694: Do not allow queries to access paths outside the current workspace root

closes #1050

DRILL-5867: List profiles in pages rather than a long verbose listing

Leverage existing DataTables libraries to paginate a long pre-fetched list of profiles for listing.

Added benefit of querying through that list (search field) is also available for a user

Minor change made to the display text for prefetching of profiles (DRILL-5259) so that it is not confused with what this commit adds to the UI.

This closes #1029

DRILL-5962: Add function STAsJSON to extend GIS support

This closes #1036

DRILL-5801: Gantt chart (fragment timeline) enhancements

1. Labelled X and Y axes on the Gantt Chart that expresses the fragments' timelines

2. Support mouse hover to reveal major fragment ID

This closes #1035

DRILL-5960: Add ST_AsGeoJSON functionality from PostGIS

This closes #1034

DRILL-5923: Display name for query state

closes #1021

DRILL-5783, DRILL-5841, DRILL-5894: Rationalize test temp directories

This change includes:


- A unit test is created for the priority queue in the TopN operator.

- The code generation classes passed around a completely unused function registry reference in some places so it is removed.

- The priority queue had unused parameters for some of its methods so it is removed.


- Created standardized temp directory classes DirTestWatcher, SubDirTestWatcher, and BaseDirTestWatcher. And updated all unit tests to use them.


- Removed the dfs_test storage plugin for tests and replaced it with the already existing dfs storage plugin.


- General code cleanup.

- Removed unnecessary use of String.format in the tests.

This closes #984

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DRILL-5941: Skip header / footer improvements for Hive storage plugin


1. When table has header / footer process input splits fo the same file in one reader (bug fix for DRILL-5941).

2. Apply skip header logic during reader initialization only once to avoid checks during reading the data (DRILL-5106).

3. Apply skip footer logic only when footer is more then 0, otherwise default processing will be done without buffering data in queue (DRILL-5106).

Code changes:

1. AbstractReadersInitializer was introduced to factor out common logic during readers intialization.

It will have two implementations:

a. Default (each input split group gets its own reader);

b. Empty (for empty tables);

2. AbstractRecordsInspector was introduced to improve performance when table has footer is less or equals to 0.

It will have two implementations:

a. Default (records will be processed one by one without buffering);

b. SkipFooter (queue will be used to buffer N records that should be skipped in the end of file processing).

3. When text table has header / footer each table file should be read as one unit. When file is being read as several input splits, they should be grouped.

For this purpose LogicalInputSplit class was introduced which replaced InputSplitWrapper class. New class stores list of grouped input splits and returns information about splits on group level.

Please note, during planning input splits are grouped only when data is being read from text table has header / footer each table, otherwise each input split is treated separately.

4. Allow HiveAbstractReader to have multiple input splits instead of one.

This closes #1030

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DRILL-5921: Display counter metrics in table

closes #1020

DRILL-5917: Ban org.json:json library in Drill

This closes #1031

DRILL-5943: Avoid the strong check introduced by DRILL-5582 for PLAIN mechanism

This closes #1028

DRILL-5936: Refactor MergingRecordBatch based on code inspection

This closes #1025

DRILL-5089: Dynamically load schema of storage plugin only when needed for every query

For each query, loading all storage plugins and loading all workspaces under file system plugins is not needed.

This patch use DynamicRootSchema as the root schema for Drill. Which loads correspondent storage only when needed.

infoschema to read full schema information and load second level schema accordingly.

for workspaces under the same Filesyetm, no need to create FileSystem for each workspace.

use fs.access API to check permission which is available after HDFS 2.6 except for windows + local file system case.

Add unit tests to test with a broken mock storage: with a storage that will throw Exception in regiterSchema method,

all queries even on good storages shall fail without this fix(Drill still load all schemas from all storages).

This closes #1032

DRILL-5909: Added new Counter metrics

closes #1019

DRILL-5834: Add Networking Functions

close apache/drill#1018