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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release drill-1.11.0

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DRILL-5083: status.getOutcome() return FAILURE if one of the batches has STOP status (to avoid infinite loop in Merge Join).

closes #881

DRILL-5678: Undefined behavior due to un-initialized values in ServerMetaContext

closes #880

DRILL-5665: Add the option planner.force_2phase_aggr to override small inputs

closes #872

DRILL-5669: Add a configurable option for minimum memory allocation to buffered ops

closes #879

Add Arina's PGP key.

DRILL-5659: Fix error code checking in reading from socket This closes #876

DRILL-5668: Fix C++ connector crash on error

Fix C++ connector crash when receiving error messages exceeding

a given size.

closes #873

DRILL-5616: Add memory checks, plus minor metrics changes

closes #871

DRILL-4511: Add unit tests for "Table does not exist" situation in case of empty directory or incorrect table name

closes #869

DRILL-4755: Fix IOBE for convert_from/convert_to functions with incorrect encoding type

closes #867

DRILL-5634: Add Crypto Functions

closes #865

DRILL-4970: Prevent changing the negative value of input holder for cast functions

closes #863

DRILL-4720: Fix SchemaPartitionExplorer.getSubPartitions method implementations to return only Drill file system directories

1. Added file system util helper classes to standardize list directory and file statuses usage in Drill with appropriate unit tests.

2. Fixed SchemaPartitionExplorer.getSubPartitions method implementations to return only directories that can be partitions according to Drill file system rules

(excluded all files and directories that start with dot or underscore).

3. Added unit test for directory explorers UDFs with and without metadata cache presence.

4. Minor refactoring.

closes #864

DRILL-5420: ParquetAsyncPgReader goes into infinite loop during cleanup

PageQueue is cleaned up using poll() instead of take(), which constantly gets interrupted and causes CPU churn.

During a columnReader shutdown, a flag is set so as to block any new page reading tasks from being submitted.

closes #862

DRILL-4722: Fix EqualityVisitor for interval day expressions with millis

closes #861

DRILL-5599: Notify StatusHandler that batch sending has failed even if channel is still open

close #857

DRILL-5457: Spill implementation for Hash Aggregate

closes #822

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DRILL-5590: Bugs in CSV field matching, null columns

Please see the problem and solution descriptions in DRILL-5590.

Also cleaned up some dead code left over from DRILL-5498.

close #855

DRILL-5587: Validate Parquet blockSize and pageSize configured with SYSTEM/SESSION option

close #852

DRILL-5589: JDBC client crashes after successful authentication if trace logging is enabled

closes #854

DRILL-5130: Implement DrillValuesRel and ValuesPrel as Calcite Values sub-classes

DRILL-5538: Create TopProject with validatedNodeType after PHYSICAL phase

closes #844

DRILL-5541: C++ Client Crashes During Simple "Man in the Middle" Attack Test with Exploitable Write AV This closes #850

DRILL-5568: Include hadoop-common jars inside drill-jdbc-all.jar 1) Introduce a new file inside exec/jdbc-all resource package which contains the property key/value pair for prefix 2) At build time based upon the profile choosen this property value is set inside the file 3) It is later consumed by SecurityConfiguration class to rename classpath for classes inside hadoop package.

DRILL-5568: Code review changes

close apache/drill#849

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Updated README to include export control section

DRILL-5560: Create configuration file for distribution specific configuration This closes #848

DRILL-5544: Out of heap running CTAS against text delimited

Since parquet version of PageWriter cannot allow to use direct memory for allocating ByteBuffers.

This PR introduces other version of PageWriter and PageWriteStore.

See more: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/PARQUET-1006.

closes #846

DRILL-5537: Display columns alias for queries with sum() when RDBMS storage plugin is enabled

close #845

DRILL-5545: Update POM to add support for running findbugs