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Tag 1.1.0 release in pom files.

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DRILL-3304: Use SUM instead of SUM0 for window aggregate until CALCITE-777 is fixed.

Add unit test.

DRILL-3414: Make sure to walk entire expression tree when rewriting filter expression for pruning

DRILL-3120: Windows startup throws NPE

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DRILL-3120: Windows startup throws NPE

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DRILL-3422: Multiple unit test failures on Windows with current master

DRILL-3344: Bump Drill-Calcite version to 1.1.0-drill-r13; Added unit tests

DRILL-3199 Implemented GenericAccessor.isNull(), added unit tests

DRILL-3413: When SASL is enabled use DIGEST mechanism in creating HiveMetaStoreClient for proxy users.

DRILL-3410: Recombine binary operators after finding prune condition

This is to expression reordering and short-circuit evaluation

DRILL-3410: rewrite OR and AND operators to have only 2 operands so partitoning pruning will work correctly

DRILL-3337: Fix is in Calcite, see CALCITE-770. Add unit test and upgrade Calcite version.

DRILL-3378: Don't invoke ensureType() while rewriting aggregate expressions part of the window frame. ensureType() currently is not aware of the precedence of data types and may inject a downward cast, causing wrong results. Bump Calcite version to r11

DRILL-3307: Query with window function runs out of memory

DRILL-3402: Throw exception when attempting to partition in format that doesn't support it

DRILL-3398: Fix memory leak in WebServer

DRILL-3382: Fix IOOB error for CTAS order by statement.

DRILL-3177: Part 2, various Mongo plugin enhancements

- Fix issues with initial Mongo 3 update patch

- Update mongo connection management so we don't generate infinite MongoClients.

- Move from static class to management inside Storage Plugin.

- Increase limit on number of connections.

- move mongo cursor initialization to batch reading, so a query won't block indefinitely on this code

- Update mongo driver version to 3.0.2

- Update host access to use all hosts rather than just master

- Remove references to no longer used UnknownHostException

DRILL-3370: Flatten failure with a filter condition.

Fix required excluding flatten from the PushFilterPastProjectRule.

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DRILL-3381: Add option to distribute on the partition keys when doing doing CTAS with partitioning

DRILL-3377: Fix naming resolution error for partitioning columns when columns are explicitly specified in CTAS column list.

DRILL-3380: Fix ParquetGroupScan clone

DRILL-3183: Enable compound identifier conversion in window defintion

DRILL-3328: Add unittest for convert_from function on Hive BINARY type

DRILL-3333: Add unit tests for CTAS partitioning and partition pruning

DRILL-2592: Make jdbc-all dependencies non-transitive (provided scope)

DRILL-3366: Avoid short circuit of OR expression in CTAS partitioning

DRILL-3373: Raise parsing error when CTAS has partition by clause yet partitioning column list is empty.

DRILL-3359: Also detect the window frame claimed in the window definition

DRILL-3361: Include Bit type in the newPartitionFunction freemarker template