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DRILL-3115: SQLLine colors do not work well with CYGWIN

DRILL-3110: Coerce Java's Direct OutOfMemoryErrors to look like reservation failures to follow existing Drill behavior paths.

Update sqlline for small rc0 issues.

Add bounds check in setByte() method

DRILL-3102: The doc link on Drill Web UI points to the old wiki page

DRILL-3107: Dynamic partition pruning fails on Windows (TestDirectoryExplorerUDFs)

DRILL-3100: TestImpersonationDisabledWithMiniDFS fails on Windows

When interrupt terminating RPC bus waitForSendComplete, make sure to release buffers.

DRILL-3099: FileSelection's selectionRoot does not include the scheme and authority

Fix PartitionSenderRootExec possible memory leak.

DRILL-3098: Set Unix style "line.separator" for tests

DRILL-3052, DRILL-3066: Improve fragment state management in face of early cancellation.

Update configuration defaults. Rename bounds system property to drill.enable_unsafe_memory_access.

DRILL-3093: Close raw batch buffers in data collectors

DRILL-3092: Fix memory leak risk near uses of RecordBatchData classes that need to have their resources freed upon an allocation or other runtime failure.

DRILL-3089: Revert to 2 forked test and allow override from command line

DRILL-3063: TestQueriesOnLargeFile leaks memory with 16M limit Changed the cleanup handling at the end of ImplCreator.getExec(), and handle the newly returned null value in FragmentExecutor.run().

DRILL-3088: Kill and cleanup remaing batches in left upstream in NestedLoopJoin

Update sys.options table to only show options available via ALTER SYSTEM or ALTER SESSION. Move BOOT options to sys.boot table.

DRILL-3081: Populate connection name as late as possible so RPC error messages are reported correctly.

In the case of extended RPC message handling, write warning to log

Add convenience drill-* executables for sqlline. Rename drill_dumpcat to dumpcat

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Update Drill to use latest sqlline

DRILL-2875: Show record number relative to beginning of file in JsonRecordReader

DRILL-3072: Update root fragment to not to modify the Foreman state directly.

Instead use RPC mechanism to send and receive status updates

DRILL-3080: Fix queue failure messages.

DRILL-3062: Rtrim the fixed char strings in the IN list for comparison with varchar columns.

DRILL-3074: Fix infinite loop issue in ReconnectingConnection

Also use the remaining timeout incase of interruption

DRILL-3065: Ensure the selection vectors in mSort to be closed after failure happens