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DRILL-2916: Allow system option to revert to old assignment logic

DRILL-2916: Correctly set minimum per fragment in AssignmentCreator

DRILL-2916: Fix bug in assignment code

Disable TestDrillbitResilience

DRILL-2898: Update fragment executor to capture OutOfMemory exceptions and report instead of terminating thread.

DRILL-2896: Fix TestComplexTypeReader.testRepeatedJson

DRILL-2181: Flatten function in order by, group by, distinct, aggregate functions is disabled

DRILL-2479: Added test case for correlated EXISTS with IN subquery (fix is in Calcite).

DRILL-2094: Test cases added

DRILL-2872: Result from json file returns data from repeated type fields as "null"

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DRILL-2858: Refactor hash expression construction in InsertLocalExchangeVisitor and PrelUtil into one place

DRILL-2857: Update StreamingAggBatch current workspace record counter variable type to "long" to avoid overflow issues.

DRILL-2277: Fix streaming aggregate when input batch is empty

DRILL-2811: Allow direct connection to drillbit from DrillClient

DRILL-1384: Part 7 - Resolve conflicts after rebasing Drill master with view/impersonation.

DRILL-2842: Fix reading of parquet files with large file level metadata.

Add result verification of the read operation. The actual bug happened when we were trying to read the meta-data to make read assignments, but its good to have the test case around to make sure that we can read a parquet file with a lot of columns.

DRILL-2835: Fix issue in copying data when a PartitionSender outgoing batch is in dropAll mode

"dropAll" mode means

-- the fragment has exhausted all input data or

-- receiver of the outgoing batch has finished (possible in case of LIMIT)

DRILL-2083: Fix bug in merging receiver

DRILL-2712: Testcases added

DRILL-2824: Add checks to ensure function resolution is deterministic Fix NOT function

DRILL-2823: Use implicit casts for comparisons of expression in the join condition

DRILL-2855: Fix invalid result issues with StreamAggBatch

DRILL-2856: Fix StreamingAgg inifnite loop problem due to state management issue.

DRILL-2827: Allow implicit cast from string to boolean for 'true'/'false' literals.

DRILL-2999: Update max query per node for sort to any positive value.

DRILL-2901: Additional fragment state fixes due to cancellation during various fragment executor state initialization.

DRILL-2822: Changed timeout 90 s -> 120 s for two JDBC getColumns() tests.

- Drill2128GetColumnsDataTypeNotTypeCodeIntBugsTest

- DatabaseMetaGetColumnsDataTest.

DRILL-2825: Bump test memory to 3g due to sporadic OOM on TestLargeFileCompilation.

DRILL-2753: Don't generate cross numeric type comparison functions