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DRILL-1234: Building Drill from source distribution fails

Fix regression in field aliasing.

DRILL-1230: Add project url, description and mailing lists to Drill pom.xml

DRILL-1229: Integration with 'apache-release' profile

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DRILL-1227: Compatibility for non-firefox browsers.

Switch TPC-H to use typed data output

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Update version to 0.4.0-incubating-SNAPSHOT

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DRILL-1225: Update license for all third party dependencies.

Allow implicit cast of VARCHAR type arg to VAR16CHAR type when resolving Hive UDFs

Add Drill icon

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Update Drill default settings

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DRILL 1221: Update for changes in Parquet-12 for new converted types. Also converted existing binary files in the test-data directory.

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DRILL-1218: 'sqlline.bat' file should use JAVA_HOME if set

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Disable select * tests until project enhancements merged.

DRILL-1172: Consider Hive override config given in storage plugin for reading data in Hive tables

DRILL-1151: Update 'lastSet' in repeated map vector while performing copy

DRILL-1195: Querying nested array elements in JSON returns only null values

DRILL-1213: Use scale when deriving row type for views.

DRILL-1212: Propagate trait in 2 phase aggregation rule, to avoid adding unnecessary exchange operator.

DRILL-1217: Enhance execution stats web UI

Added Gantt chart

Improved organization

Decrease number of tables and overall page size

Implement general javascript functions for profile processing

Temporarily disable ProducerConsumer operator until DRILL-1202 is fixed.

DRILL-1220: Process the star columns in ProjectRecordBatch by classifying the expressions appropriately based on the annotated expressions created by planner.

DRILL-1153: Add $sum0 implementations

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Refactor trait pull up to common SubsetTransformer. Update Prules to use new class and update FilterPrule to use all instead of best to work with Optiq 0.9.

Disable tests that require specific timezones.

DRILL-1180: Add casts to case expression to ensure all branches have same output type

DRILL-1153: skip brackets, braces & respect escape chars in literal strings while splitting JSON records

DRILL-1130: Leading / in a select query should be rooted from the workspace rather than from the file system

DRILL-785: org.apache.drill.exec.rpc.bit.ListenerPool leak suspects

DRILL-931: Support select * query in Drill planner. (Part of change is in Optiq).