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* upcoming.part.html: Automatically regenerated
Merge r1877960 from trunk:

* r1877960

INSTALL (I.C.12): Add Note that non-release mode is required for building

SWIG Python 2 bindings.


We've not entirely dropped Python 2 bindings support on 1.14.x yet


+1: futatuki, stsp, rhuijben

* STATUS: Edit an entry in such a way as to avoid triggering

a syntax error.


This should allow this entry to be auto-merged later tonight.

The error is [copied from the conflicts bot, but the merges bot should be

seeing it too]:

Too many bullets in * r1877960 at ./.svn/ line 1215, <STATUS> chunk 11.

* STATUS: Nominate the fsfs part of r1880374.
On the 1.14.x-r1880374-fsfs branch:

Merge the subversion/libsvn_fs_fs part of r1880374 from trunk.

Create the 1.14.x-r1880374-fsfs backport branch.
* STATUS: Vote +1 on r1878997 group and r1880192.

Fix harmless uninitialized read in svn_fs_*_index_append

* subversion/libsvn_fs_fs/index.c (svn_fs_fs__l2p_index_append),


(svn_fs_x__l2p_index_append, svn_fs_x__p2l_index_append):

Do not access entry fields that are unset due to reaching eof.

Found by: Clang 10 memory sanitizer

Patch by: Orivej Desh <orivej{_AT_}>

Reviewed by: danielsh (svn_fs_fs__l2p_index_append)


* STATUS: Nominate r1880192.
* STATUS: Add a 'Depends' to r1880192.
* STATUS: Nominate r1880192.
Fix issue #4862 "Merge: the resulting mergeinfo is non-deterministic".

In certain merge scenarios where the merge added new paths, the mergeinfo

change notifications and the resulting mergeinfo were non-deterministic.

* subversion/libsvn_client/merge.c

(process_children_with_new_mergeinfo): Process these paths in parent-to-

child order so that inherited mergeinfo is propagated consistently.

* subversion/tests/cmdline/

(merge_deleted_folder_with_mergeinfo_2): Check the mergeinfo change

notifications and the resulting mergeinfo, as these are now stable.

* tools/dev/ (get_format):

Avoid comparison between str and int, which is not allowed on Python 3.

* STATUS: Nominate issue #4859 (merge bug fix).
* STATUS: Nominate issue #4859 (merge bug fix).
Merge r1879959 from trunk.
In recent merge tests, verify the merge result as well as success.

For issue #4859 "Merge removing a folder with non-inheritable mergeinfo ->

E155023: can't set properties: invalid status for updating properties".

* subversion/tests/cmdline/


merge_deleted_folder_with_mergeinfo_2): Verify the merge result.

Remove even more references of from the website.

The old site was taken down on 2020/07/01. See dev@

discussion "[PATCH] Remove references to from website" started

2020/07/07. Archive:

* docs/community-guide/l10n.html

Removed reference to old l10n-?? mailing lists.

Referred translation discussions to dev@.

* faq.html

Remove dead cvs2svn links.

* mailing-lists.html

Adjusted a comment to contain the right address for dev@

Remove reference to Tigris Discussion page.

* news.html

Make a note that is no longer available but keep old

link for historic reference.

* reporting-issues.html

Remove the section Issuezilla.

Patch by: Daniel Sahlberg <daniel.l.sahlberg{_AT_}>

* upcoming.part.html: Automatically regenerated
Merge r1879198 from trunk:

* r1879198

Fix an invalid quoting in working copy upgrade system that only works

because SQLite automatically fixed this. More recent SQLite functions

will signal an error when deprecated features are disabled.


Causes user-visible errors.


This filechange by itself doesn't trigger a change that make will

handle. So make sure you recompile the sql queries for testing.


+1: rhuijben, danielsh, jamessan

Merge the r1878909 group from trunk:

* r1878909, r1878918, r1878950

Fix a number of thinkos in human-readable file size formatting.


Fixes wrong output and an assertion failure in debug mode.


+1: brane, rhuijben, jamessan

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Merge r1878413 from trunk:

* r1878413 Remove per SWIG bindings checked files on release mode.


The release tarballs should not contain .swig_*_checked files


+1: futatuki, rhuijben, jamessan

Merge r1876410 from trunk:

* r1876410

Fix the .editorconfig stanza for Makefile's.


Make $EDITOR do the right thing on any backport branches we may create

off this stabilization branch.


+1: danielsh, stsp, jamessan


Vote +1 on r1876410, approving.

Vote +1 on r1878413, approving.

Vote +1 on the r1878909 group, approving.

Vote +1 on r1879198, approving.

* publish/.message-ids.tsv: Automatically regenerated.
In 'staging': catch-up merge from 'publish'
  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
Remove references to from website.

* docs/community-guide/general.html

Participating in the community: Changed link to issue tracker to Jira

* docs/community-guide/releasing.html

Release numbering, Alpha and Beta: Replaced broken link to

* docs/community-guide/roles.part.html

How partial commit access is granted: Replaced broken link to

Patch by: Daniel Sahlberg <daniel.l.sahlberg{_AT_}>

Merge r1878997, r1879192, r1879474 from trunk.
Create a backport branch.
Remove an unused field in merge code.

There is no code anywhere that sets this flag. There was in svn 1.6, but

not in svn 1.7 and later.

For issue #4859 "Merge removing a folder with non-inheritable mergeinfo ->

E155023: can't set properties: invalid status for updating properties".

* subversion/libsvn_client/mergeinfo.h

(svn_client__merge_path_t): Remove 'scheduled_for_deletion' field.

* subversion/libsvn_client/merge.c

(remove_absent_children): Remove reference to it.