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Changeset 953308 is being indexed.

Update Visual Studio generator to work with latest serf 0.6.x release.

* build/generator/

(write_serf_project_file): Include auth/*.c and auth/*.h files to generated

serf project.


(1.6.12): New section.

Fix compiler warning.

* subversion/libsvn_fs_util/fs-util.c

(svn_fs__canonicalize_abspath): Change variable type to size_t instead

of int.

Make the 'diff_operation' type public.

When we parse a 'git format' diff we need to pass on what operation

should be performed on the file to the patch code.

The actual parsing is not yet implemented, just making preparations.

* subversion/libsvn_client/diff.c

(diff_operation): Rename and move this from here to ..

* subversion/include/svn_diff.h

(svn_diff_operation_kind_t): .. Here.

(svn_patch_t): Add 'svn_diff_operation_kind_t' field.

On the '1.6.x' branch:

* STATUS: Change pburba's vote for r952973 group from -0 to +1.

Remove the 1.6.x-issue3469 branch, reintegrated in r953297.

Reintegrate the 1.6.x-issue3469 branch:

* r945708

Fix issue #3469 "tree conflict inside of directory external causes

assertion to fail".


Assertion failures are bad and tree-conflicted externals cannot

be reverted or resolved without this fix.



This is not a backport branch. The fix is for 1.6.x only.

Trunk will need a separate fix as part of wc-ng.


+1: stsp, julianfoad, cmpilato

On the '1.6.x-issue3651' branch:

* subversion/svn/copy-cmd.c

(): Include private options header.

Suggested by: pburba

Vote for r945708, approving.
Merge r879902, r879916 from trunk:

* r879902, r879916

Disables file synchronization mutexes in fsfs on Windows. These mutexes

were added to make POSIX systems lock files that were in use by other

threads in the same process.

Windows implements per filehandle locking, so it doesn't need these

locks. We usually see the opposite problem in Subversion on Windows.


This gives a measurable performance boost (5% decrease in running time

on running the testsuite in parallel mode (on trunk). The difference

will be bigger when measured on a real subversion server like one

running apache or svnserve.


+1: rhuijben, steveking, cmpilato

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Merge r898048 from trunk:

* r898048

Extend the Windows only, crypto api verification of server certificates

to check for certificate revocation. Also simplify the code by making

Windows do the chain verification instead of just taking an intermediate



It's better to be safe, when we are talking about SSL.


+1: rhuijben, steveking, cmpilato

Votey votey.

* tools/dev/unix-build/Makefile.svn: Fetch serf distfile in the serf block,

and the neon distfile in the neon block. Doing it the other way around

works, but is slightly confusing :)

* tools/dev/unix-build/Makefile.svn: Fix build of serf 0.6.1.

JavaHL: Follow up to r953266, remove the C++ support for the old info fetching.

[ in subversion/bindings/javahl/ ]

* native/CreateJ.cpp,


(Info): Remove.

* native/SVNClient.cpp,


(info): Remove.

* native/org_apache_subversion_javahl_SVNClient.cpp

(Java_org_apache_subversion_javahl_SVNClient_info): Remove.

JavaHL: Remove the deprecated info structure and function from the

apache package. This creates a slight deviation in behavior for clients

who are using the old package, and the ancient API therein. Namely,

incomplete status is now always returned as false.

[ subversion/bindings/javahl/ ]

* src/org/apache/subversion/javahl/

(info): Remove.

* src/org/apache/subversion/javahl/


* src/org/tigris/subversion/javahl/

(Info): Update backward compat constructor.

(checkAbsent, checkIncomplete): New.

* tools/dev/unix-build/Makefile.svn: Oracle is removing old BDB releases

from their download site in order to make life a lot easier for people

who write automated build scripts for software using BDB, so use the

FreeBSD distfiles archive as the source of BDB releases instead.

Make switch --relocate handle more node types. This also reverts

r952728 which is no longer needed.

* subversion/libsvn_wc/wc_db.c

(svn_wc__db_global_relocate): Handle copied/deleted/excluded nodes.

(svn_wc__db_scan_addition): Don't expect excluded (reverts r952728).

* subversion/tests/cmdline/

(relocate_deleted_missing_copied): Extend to include a delete within

a copy.

JavaHL: Rename the NotifyCallback to ClientNotifyCallback, in preparation for

adding a repository version.

[ in subversion/bindings/javahl/ ]

* tests/org/apache/subversion/javahl/,








Track the rename.

* native/ClientNotifyCallback.cpp:

Renamed from NotifyCallback.cpp.

* native/NotifyCallback.h:

Renamed to ClientNotifyCallback.h.

* native/NotifyCallback.cpp:

Renamed to ClientNotifyCallback.cpp.

* native/ClientNotifyCallback.h:

Renamed from NotifyCallback.h.

* src/org/apache/subversion/javahl/callback/

Renamed from

* src/org/apache/subversion/javahl/callback/

Renamed to

* STATUS: Vote -0 for issue #3651 group.

* subversion/libsvn_client/add.c: Typo fix in comment.
Fix the dav cache; it was being set too early so any values stored

didn't persist.

* subversion/libsvn_wc/update_editor.c

(close_file, close_directory): Set the dav cache after the base

node is constructed.

Merge r901304 from trunk:

* r901304

Update email address to which to send the crash reports (on Windows).


Old address still points to the domain. Simple fix.


+1: lgo, stylesen, pburba

Merge r951753 from trunk:

* r951753

Fix issue #3649: a bogus 'mkdir --parents' error.


Simple fix, user requests.


+1: danielsh, rhuijben, stylesen

* STATUS: Vote and approve r901304.

On the '1.6.x' branch:

* STATUS: Add r952992 to the r952973 group and make a note of the

merges in the backport branch.

On the '1.6.x-issue3651' branch:

Merge from trunk r952992 which adds the test case for testing this


Extend copy_tests 62 to test for issue #3651.

* subversion/tests/cmdline/

(copy_peg_rev_url): Add peg rev '@HEAD' to the copy target in order

to test issue #3651.

On the '1.6.x' branch:

* STATUS: Fix a typo in r901304, s/adress/address/

On the '1.6.x' branch:

* STATUS: Nominate and vote for r952973.