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Changeset 848259 is being indexed.

* ch06.xml: Spelling fixes, courtesy of ispell-buffer.

Vote on issue #1689.
Vote on the r8055, r8085, r8104, r8105 RPM packaging changes.
* doc/book/book/ch06.xml

Remove a word that felt out of place...

more votes. fix strength of some prior votes. a bit o' formatting.
add reference
Cast a few more votes.
    • -18
    • +18
Add and vote for issue #1689 (clean up struct tags).
* ch06.xml: oops, fix duplicated section number.

* 1.0-stabilization/STATUS: Sort votes in descending order.

    • -13
    • +15
* 1.0-stabilization/STATUS: Add some votes.

Finish "new" chapter 6 in book.

* ch06.xml: document SSL certificate features, and all of mod_authz_svn.

    • -37
    • +330
* STATUS: Whups, fix the obvious problem w/ r8172.

* STATUS: r8082 and r8106 are bindings changes, but they affect the

build system, so present them different from other bindings


    • -17
    • +20
* STATUS: Add r8167 and vote for it.

* STATUS: Remove r8125 proposal (I was going to veto it too, sussman

already has). I think it just results from a misunderstanding --

we're not keeping most of the www tree up-to-date in the 1.0 tree,

because we always use trunk for the live web site. If we were

putting all www/ changes into 1.0, we'd have a *lot* more

revisions than just r8125 to talk about :-).

* STATUS: Put unapproved/approved changes in different sections, to

make it easier to review current status. Note bindings status.

Add my own -0 on issue #1652.

    • -87
    • +92
Resolve issue 1524: cvs2svn should replace "/" with "," in symbolic names

* tools/cvs2svn/

(make_path): Transform non-allowable characters

before using the tag/branch name for path generation.

(get_branch_name): correct typo in docstring.

* tools/cvs2svn/ (bogus_tag):

Change test for successful conversion.

Fix a documentation error.

Patch by: Ben Reser <>

* subversion/include/svn_client.h

(svn_client_revprop_get): Fix a bug in the docstring.

    • -1
    • +1
Resolve issue 1685: start_pass (-p) option is ignored.

Patch by: Roland Dreier <>

* tools/cvs2svn/ (main):

Initialize start_pass variable before parameter parsing.

* STATUS: review some patches, cast some votes.
* STATUS: Add r8127, vote for it.
Add a new entry, and cast some votes.
    • -15
    • +31
Add XFail test for issue #1663: 'svn revert' fails to reexpand keywords.

* subversion/tests/clients/cmdline/

(revert_reexpand_keyword): New file, new test.

* build.conf

(fs_test_scripts.paths): Add

    • -0
    • +113
* STATUS: move bindings changes to the end of the file, for readablity.
    • -47
    • +54
Cast some votes. Despite my low activity for most of this year,

i am ready and willing to work on the issues i voted for.

    • -21
    • +21
Nominate perl changes to be merged. build system changes and perl-only

ones are splitted.

Fix unsetting props from Perl bindings.

* swig/svn_string.i:

Allow svn_string_t to be undef from Perl.

Adding javahl implementation of r8128 (r8156) to the master entry

Appling r8128 to javahl.

Add a notification type for blame revisions; this will enable GUI clients

to provide some user-feedback while the blame operation progresses.

* native/Notify.cpp (Notify::onNotify)

add new mapping for notify action

* src/org/tigris/subversion/javahl/

add new constant and string mapping for notify action