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Changeset 843164 is being indexed.

* subversion/tests/clients/cmdline/README: Rewrite instructions, with

real examples for httpd.conf this time.

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Add some lock checking. Add some documentation.

* subversion/libsvn_wc/lock.c

(struct svn_wc_adm_acces_t): Add set_owner. Tweak documentation.

(adm_access_alloc): Initialise set_owner.

(adm_ensure_set): Set set_owner.

(do_close): Check set_owner with an assert.

(svn_wc_adm_open): Detect second baton with with same name as first.

* subversion/include/svn_wc.h (svn_wc_adm_open, svn_wc_adm_close,

svn_wc_adm_access_path, svn_wc_add): Tweak documentation.

* notes/entries-caching: New file.

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Fix an unitialized memory read identified by valgrind.

* subversion/libsvn_wc/questions.c (svn_wc_check_wc): Check error before format

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"Go green!" --Dende

* packages/rpm/subversion.spec : Now requires neon-0.23.2. Also changed

the BuildPreReq to depend on neon-devel instead of neon.

* subversion/tests/libsvn_wc/translate-test.c

(substitute_and_verify): fix a couple of format string errors that were

generating warnings under gcc3 on Mac OS X 10.2.

* svn_private_config.hw: Fix path to svn-dev.el.

Don't reqire a shell interpreter for running Windows tests.

* (shell): Initialize to None.

(shell_tests): New; break shell scripts out of 'tests'.

If 'shell' is defined, add 'shell_tests' to 'tests', otherwise print a warning.

* doc/handbook/client.texi:

Fix typo from previous revision to get the file to run through


* subversion/clients/cmdline/main.c:

(main): Error out on CVS-style '-rM -rN' syntax and suggest '-rM:N'


Patch by: Scott Lamb <>

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* subversion/libsvn_wc/translate.c

(time_to_keyword_time): Stick a 'Z' on the end of the time, to

signify UTC. Thanks to Eric Gillespie for reminding me about Greg

Stein's mail saying that Dick Cheney had forwarded an old message

from Linus Torvalds which quoted Tony Blair as saying that Margaret

Thatcher had mentioned there should be a 'Z' on the end.

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Add the $Id$ keyword.

Patch by: Eric Gillespie <>

(Tweaked by me.)


Subject: [PATCH] Add Id keyword


Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2002 16:36:02 -0500


We've already been through why a customizable, format-string keyword

is valuable. Unfortunately, this is post-1.0 because we need a mechanism

for the server to send configuration data to the client. In the meantime,

this patch will provide the concise Id keyword we're used to from CVS, and

provide projects a single place to patch to replace Id with $NetBSD$

or whatever. Not as good as the format-string based keyword, but much

easier than CVS.

* subversion/include/svn_types.h

(SVN_KEYWORD_ID): New define.

* subversion/include/svn_wc.h

(svn_wc_keywords_t): New id member.

* subversion/libsvn_wc/translate.c

(time_to_keyword_time): New function.

(translate_keyword): Handle the Id keyword.

* doc/handbook/client.texi

(Properties): Document the Id keyword.

* subversion/tests/clients/cmdline/

(setup_working_copy, keywords_on, keywords_from_birth): Test Id too.

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Push interim release dates back one week.

Mention the svn-breakage list.

Upgrade to use Neon 0.23.2 which fixes the Windows build issues.

* build/

Require Neon 0.23.2.


Update to use Neon 0.23.2.


Mention Neon 0.23.2.

Let SWIG get past the __attribute__ usage in svn_io.h.

Patch by: Gustavo Niemeyer <>

(Tweaked by me.)

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Per Karl's request, we should not clean test data unless we had a

"fast" mode of cleaning as an alternative for people who wanted to

avoid the delay of cleaning out test data (or for when that data needs

to be retained).

In this new scheme, the default cleaning rules will remove the test

data. Those "in the know" can use the fast- targets.


- introduce "fast-clean" and "fast-distclean" targets to perform the

old "local-" equivalents, without cleaning test data

- fix "local-clean" and "local-distclean" to perform the fast

variants, plus cleaning out the test data.

Add rules to clean files created by 'make check'.

Patch by: William Uther <>


(local-distclean) Add a dependency on check-clean

(check-clean) Remove all the temporary files used by check

* subversion/clients/win32: Remove unused directory.

Moving svn_com, WinSVN and SVNControls out of subversion/clients, final step.

* buld/win32/svn.rc: Moved from subversion/clients/win32/svn.rc.

Update include paths to reflect new location.

* build/win32/svn.ico: Moved from subversion/clients/win32/svn.ico.

* subversion/svnadmin/svnadmin.dsp: Reflect new locaton of svn.rc.

Don't link with neon.

* subversion/svnlook/svnlook.dsp: Reflect new locaton of svn.rc.

* subversion/clients/cmdline/subversion_client.dsp: Likewise.

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