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Changeset 1841747 is being indexed.

sync merge from publish to staging

* STATUS: Nominate r1841719 and r1841742.

* STATUS: Add r1841743 to the r1841731 group.

Follow-up to r1841736:

* subversion/tests/cmdline/

(local_missing_dir_endless_loop): Restore trailing newline in file content.

Use main.file_append_binary() to avoid newline translation on Windows.

Suggested by: brane

Add resolver support for 'local missing' conflicts involving directories.

* subversion/libsvn_client/conflicts.c

(conflict_tree_get_details_local_missing): Don't hard-code svn_node_file.

Recommend an option for local missing merge targets in case there is

no ambiguity.

(resolve_sibling_move_dir_merge): Rename to...

(resolve_local_move_dir_merge): ... this, and support both local moves

(i.e. moves in the history of the merge target) and sibling moves (i.e.

moves in the history of the merge source).

(configure_option_local_move_file_merge): Rename to...

(configure_option_local_move_file_or_dir_merge): ... this, and add support

for directories.


configure_option_local_move_file_or_dir_merge): Track renamed functions.

* subversion/tests/libsvn_client/conflicts-test.c

(test_local_missing_abiguous_moves_dir): Fix an error in a path probed

by this test.

(test_funcs): Mark test_local_missing_abiguous_moves_dir as PASS.

* STATUS: Add r1841736 to r1841731 nomination.

* subversion/cmdline/

(local_missing_dir_endless_loop): Remove a trailing newline to hopefully

make this test pass on Windows.

Merge r1841180, r1841524, and r1841525 from trunk.

* r1841180, r1841524, r1841525

Merge the 'java10-compat' branch to trunk


Enables building against Java 10 which is becoming the default JDK in

many distributions


+1: jcorvel, jamessan

+1: danielsh (confirmed the buildsystem parts won't affect anything other

than the java bindings; this counts as three +1s for the

build system changes)

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Merge r1841059, r1841600, r1841601, r1841602, and r1841606 from trunk.

* r1841059,r1841600,r1841601,r1841602,r1841606

Change the shelf storage dir from ".svn/shelves" to



Stop polluting the ".svn/" namespace with an experimental "shelves" subdir.

Instead use a subdir intended for anything experimental/unstable.

Also fixes SVN-4774 "presence of old 1.10 shelves breaks shelf-list",

giving a cleaner upgrade path for those testing experimental shelving.


+1: julianfoad, jamessan

+1: steveking

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* STATUS: Nominate r1841725 and r1841731.

Merge r1840990, r1840991, r1840995, and r1840997 from trunk.

* r1840990, r1840991, r1840995, r1840997

Various conflict resolver improvements.


I am proposing these in a batch because merging them out of order would

result in conflicts, and because I was planning to make these changes

before 1.11 was branched in the first place but didn't get around to it.

- r1840990 is a cosmetic output change

- r1840991 prevents an out-of-bounds array access

- r1840995 implements support for ambiguous moves in 'local missing' cases

- r1840997 improves resolver API semantics

Ideally, these should be merged before 1.11.0 is released.


+0: julianfoad (only r1840990,r1840991)

+1: stsp, brane, jcorvel

Fix an endless loop in the interactive conflict resolver.

The problem was that the library returned SVN_ERR_WC_CONFLICT_RESOLVER_FAILURE,

and this error code makes 'svn' retry resolution under the assumption that a

resolution option could not be executed successfully for some reason.

In this case the error was due to a buggy consistency check which ensures

that the client has already fetched details from the repository.

This check should only trigger during SVN client development, never during

regular usage. And, in fact, 'svn' had already fetched the details, but the

consistency check inside the library didn't look at all the relevant data.

Fix the consistency check in the library and add a regression test.

* subversion/libsvn_client/conflicts.c

(svn_client_conflict_option_get_moved_to_repos_relpath_candidates2): Fix

the check which ensures that details have already been fetched from

the repository. Details for a 'local missing' conflict may contain

no information about moves but still contain information about working

copy siblings. Working copy siblings are not a valid result from this

function, so return a NULL repository path array in this case.

* subversion/tests/cmdline/

(local_missing_dir_endless_loop): New test. This test will trigger an

endless loop if the above bug is not yet fixed. I believe this is the

first Python test which uses the interactive resolver, so it may also

serve as an example of how the resolver can be used from Python tests.

(test_list): Add test.

Use an iterpool in the interactive conflict resolver loop.

* subversion/svn/conflict-callbacks.c

(svn_cl__resolve_conflict): Use an iterpool during interactive loop.

Prevents memory exhaustion in case the library keeps returning

SVN_ERR_WC_CONFLICT_RESOLVER_FAILURE, which can make 'svn' retry

in an endless loop.

Add a new XFAIL conflict resolver test.

This is a basic test for 'local missing' conflicts with directories.

It might need to be tweaked further once the resolver starts supporting

this use case.

* subversion/libsvn_client/conflicts-test.c

(test_local_missing_abiguous_moves_dir, test_funcs): New test.

* STATUS: Nominate r1841716 and r1841717.

Fix duplicate message IDs in Swedish translation.

See r1841716 for more information.

* subversion/po/sv.po: Applied msguniq to avoid duplicate message IDs.

Prevent duplicate message ID entries in translation files.

Fixes a build problem for me where msgfmt errors out with:

subversion/po/sv.po:13836: duplicate message definition...

subversion/po/sv.po:4723: ...this is the location of the first definition

* tools/po/ Run the 'msguniq' tool when updating .po files.

Tools such as msgmerge and msgfmt error out otherwise.

* 1.11.x/STATUS: Vote for the r1840990 group, approving.

Describe the meaning of the ?update= parameter in the download link.

* publish/site-nav.html: Add comment.

Suggested by: danielsh

* branches/1.11.x/STATUS: Vote for the r1840990 group.

* STATUS: Approve the r1841180 group.
* STATUS: Vote +1 on the r1841059 group, approving.
* STATUS: Vote +1 on all of the r1841059 group
* STATUS: Add annotation to a r1841059 vote.
* STATUS: Add more needed revisions to r1841059 group.
* STATUS: Unapprove r1841180 group since it needs 3 votes due to touching build system


Vote +1 on the r1841180 group, approving.

Vote -0 on the r1841059 group, merge conflicts and .svn/x/ is still being used

* STATUS: Vote +1 on the r1841059 group
Merge the r1841091 group from trunk:

* r1841091, r1841136

Fix SVN-4776: Shelving: remove non-x-prefixed command aliases.


Leaves the command-line UI clear for a future stable version.


+1: julianfoad, jamessan, danielsh

    • ?
* STATUS: Add r1841606 (rename '.svn/x' to '.svn/experimental') to r1841059.