C. Michael Pilato
on 27 Mar 01
* libsvn_fs/delta.c

(replace_with_nearest): De-commissioned this function until further

(add_file_or_dir): Cosmetic changes … Show more
* libsvn_fs/delta.c

 (replace_with_nearest): De-commissioned this function until further


 (add_file_or_dir): Cosmetic changes only.

 (replace_file_or_dir): Added base_revision validity check.

 (delta_dirs): Changed to, instead of using the de-commissioned

 replace_with_nearest, replace unrelated entries with a deleta/add

 combo (with cheese, no pickles, onion rings, and Biggie-size that,


* tests/libsvn_fs/dir-delta-editor.c

* tests/libsvn_fs/dir-delta-editor.h

 New files for the svn_fs_dir_delta test case in fs-test.c, these

 contain the implementation of an editor driven by svn_fs_dir_delta

 to in turn use filesystem calls to modify the state of a transaction


* tests/libsvn_fs/

 (dir-delta-editor.c) New file to build.

* tests/libsvn_fs/fs-test.c

 #include dir-delta-editor.h and svn_delta.h now.  Also, fixed some

  comments in places where tree_test_entry_t's were used.

 (tree_test_t): New structure for wrapping tree_test_entry_t items.

 (txn_script_command_t): New structure for making quick-n-dirty edits

 to a filesystem transaction.

 (txn_script_exec): Function for executing the quick-n-dirty edits as

 defined by the array of txn_script_command_t's.

 (dir_deltas): New test case for svn_fs_dir_delta().

 (test_funcs): Added reference to new test dir_deltas.

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