on 26 Mar 14
Simplify svn_object_pool__t code: Support shared objects only and use
standard APR memory pool handling.

We simply provide ref-counted obj… Show more
Simplify svn_object_pool__t code:  Support shared objects only and use

standard APR memory pool handling.

We simply provide ref-counted objects allocated through from a sub-pool

of some user-provided memory pool.  References returned will no longer

survive the cleanup of that user-provided container pool.  Unused objects

may still be kept but the specifics are now an implementation detail.

* subversion/include/private/svn_object_pool.h

 (svn_object_pool__create): Non-sharable objects are no longer supported

                            and caching policies are hidden now.

 (svn_object_pool__pool): Replaced by ...

 (svn_object_pool__new_wrapper_pool): ... this one; directly returning a

                                      new sub-pool that may be used to

                                      hold a new object instance.

 (svn_object_pool__count): Update docstring.

* subversion/libsvn_subr/object_pool.c

 (object_ref_t): Since all objects can be shared, there is no need to

                 chain multiple instances.

 (svn_object_pool__t): We only keep two atomic counters for bookkeeping.

                       There is only a standard pool now and no user-

                       defined caching parameters.

 (destroy_object_pool): Drop as no specific destruction code is needed.

 (object_pool_cleanup): Do standard cleanup now and only verify correct

                        reference lifetimes.

 (root_object_pool_cleanup): No longer needed with standard pool handling.

 (remove_unused_objects): Update removal logic.  Also, we don't need to

                          the APR hash as it's implementation ensures that

                          adding & removing entries does not make memory

                          consumption to go up.

 (exit_on_error): No longer needed with standard pool cleanup.

 (object_ref_cleanup): Re-implement.  Still keep the actual object around

                       but notify the container that there are unused

                       objects that can be cleaned up at its discretion.

 (add_object_ref): Update only the counters that we still have.

 (insert): Adapt to simplified model and keep it consistent even in case

           of an error.  Implement caching / lazy object cleanup here.

 (svn_object_pool__create): Update to simplified data model and standard

                            memory pool usage.

 (svn_object_pool__pool): Replace by ...

 (svn_object_pool__new_wrapper_pool): ... this.

 (svn_object_pool__count): Adapt to struct changes.

* subversion/include/private/svn_repos_private.h




  svn_repos__authz_pool_get): Update docstrings to reflect the changed

                              object / pool lifetime restrictions.

* subversion/libsvn_repos/authz_pool.c

 (svn_repos__authz_pool_create): Adapt to changed API and put the container

                                 into the POOL provided by the user.

 (svn_repos__authz_pool_get): Adapt to changed API.

* subversion/libsvn_repos/config_pool.c

 (auto_parse): Ditto

 (svn_repos__config_pool_create): Same.  Also, put the container into the

                                  POOL provided by the user.

* subversion/tests/libsvn_repos/repos-test.c

 (test_config_pool): References must not live longer than the container

                     anymore.  Thus, remove this part of the test case.

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