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Apply ASF license headers to a number of files included under that license

but lacking said header.

Patch by: Niall Pemberton <niallp{_AT_}>

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Set svn:eol-style='native' on some text files that were lacking it.

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Add Perry Metzger's wrapper to run the svnserve process setgid,

since this can be very helpful to svn+ssh users. Quoting from the


* The idea is to avoid the problem that some interpreters like bash

* invoked by svnserve in hook scripts will reset the effective gid to

* the real gid, nuking the effect of an ordinary setgid svnserve binary.

* Sadly, to set the real gid portably, you need to be root, if only

* for a moment.

* Also smashes the environment to something known, so that games

* can't be played to try to break the security of the hook scripts,

* by setting IFS, PATH, and similar means.

* tools/examples/svnserve-sgid.c: new file.