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* tools/dist/

(update_backport_bot): Update instructions for this manual step.

* tools/dist/

(create_status_file_on_branch): Move the template from here...

* tools/dist/templates/STATUS.ezt

... to this new file.

  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
* tools/dist/ Add a new subcommand 'write-release-notes'.

* tools/dist/templates/release-notes.ezt: New template.

  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
* tools/dist/ Make '--target' a global option.
* tools/dist/


get_download_anchor): Move out of Version class.

* tools/dist/ Fix broken 'roll' command, following r1867134.
* tools/dist/ (recommended_release): Update to 1.13

in preparation for rolling the 1.13 release.

* tools/dist/ (tool_versions): Deduplicate the data.
Merge tools/dist/ into
  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
* tools/dist/ Make repository URLs configurable externally,

useful for testing, removing the scalpel left in r1867572.

Preparation for merging into
  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
* tools/dist/ Revert accidental part of r1867134.
* tools/dist/ Consistently handle running 'svn' and other

external commands, especially w.r.t. '--verbose' and '--username'.

* tools/dist/ Move '--username' to be a global option.

This also fixes a case where a username could not be specified for one of

the commit operations.

* tools/dist/ (main): Move '--branch' to be a global option.
* tools/dist/ Remove obsolete distinction between http and https access.
* tools/dist/

(get_branch_path): New, factored out from several callers.

* tools/dist/

Use a global constant for archive URL so all ASF URLs are thus defined near the top of file.

* tools/dist/ Add tool versions for 1.13 (same as 1.10 ... 1.12).
Fix ' sign-candidates' for future versions >= 2.0.

* tools/dist/

(sign_candidates): Fix the version number comparison.

Fix check-sigs/write-downloads: 1.9.1 matched also 1.9.10, etc.

* tools/dist/

(get_fileinfo): Tighten the version-match glob expression.

(check_sigs): Use get_fileinfo() instead of its own glob expression.

* tools/dist/ Update release numbers.
* tools/dist/ Add tool versions for 1.12. Avoid undefined behaviour.

In Python, «'\x'», where \x isn't a defined escape sequence, is an expression

whose meaning may change in the future as new sequences are added.

* tools/dist/

(write_changelog): Use «r''» string literals to avoid undefined escape sequences

in «''» string literals.


* tools/dist/

(write_changelog): Fix typo in comment.

* tools/dist/

(write_changelog): Delete an out-of-date comment. It was up-to-date only

while r1842930 was being written, but was out-of-date in the committed

form of r1842930.

Follow-up to r1842930:

* tools/dist/

(write_changelog): Don't truncate the logsummary.

' write-changelog': For merge commits such as svn-role's, use the

summary of the nomination, rather than the first line of the log message.

* tools/dist/

(backport.status): Import

(write_changelog): Use if the log message is unlabeled and looks

like an auto-merge.

* tools/dist/ Document r1841085.