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* tools/dist/release-lines.yaml: Update supported release list for

1.14 is our new supported release, and 1.10 is also still supported.

The 1.13 and 1.9 release lines both drop out of support.

Fix an TypeError exception in ' create-tag'.

Regular expression matching failed due to lack of an explicit encoding

for files modified during the post-release housekeeping step.

The exception was observed with Python 3.7.7 and looked as follows:

INFO:root:Bumping version numbers on the branch

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/home/stsp/svn/svn-trunk/tools/dist/", line 1916, in <module>


File "/home/stsp/svn/svn-trunk/tools/dist/", line 1912, in main


File "/home/stsp/svn/svn-trunk/tools/dist/", line 1134, in create_tag_and_bump_versions


File "/home/stsp/svn/svn-trunk/tools/dist/", line 1108, in bump_versions_on_branch

str(args.version.patch), str(new_version.patch))

File "/home/stsp/svn/svn-trunk/tools/dist/", line 1078, in replace_in_place

replacement = re.sub(pattern, repl, line)

File "/usr/local/lib/python3.7/", line 192, in sub

return _compile(pattern, flags).sub(repl, string, count)

TypeError: cannot use a string pattern on a bytes-like object

* tools/dist/

(bump_versions_on_branch): Create temporary file handles with an explicit

encoding argument (assume UTF-8).

Fix various typos detected by codespell.

* tools/buildbot/slaves/README, tools/buildbot/slaves/svn-x64-macosx/,

tools/dev/, tools/dev/,

tools/dev/mergegraph/, tools/dev/,

tools/dev/x509-parser.c, tools/dist/, tools/dist/,

tools/dist/, tools/examples/

(): Spelling fixes

  1. … 8 more files in changeset.
* tools/dist/ Correct & clarify error message reference to --branch option.
* everywhere: Run tools/dev/ to remove

trailing whitespace before we branch 1.14.

  1. … 99 more files in changeset.
* tools/dist/release-lines.yaml: Declare build deps for 1.14 (same as 1.13)

* tools/dist/ Continue chasing the experimental nature of 'given'

and 'when', through perl5300delta.

* tools/dist/ Use yaml.safe_load.

Suggested by: danielsh

Move release-lines metadata out of '' into a separate YAML file.

* tools/dist/release-lines.yaml


* tools/dist/




lts_release_lines): Read from 'release-lines.yaml'.

* tools/dist/ (recommended_release): Remove TODO: didn't make sense.
Release notes templates: Stop claiming the book will be updated.
* tools/dist/templates/release-notes.ezt

(#non-lts-release): Trim unnecessary old notes, as in r1869167. Link

to existing info.

Let ' write-release-notes' update the release notes index and

distinguish between LTS and non-LTS release notes.

* tools/dist/

(lts_release_lines, is_lts): New.

(write_release_notes): Choose LTS or non-LTS template. Add an index entry.

(main): Document it.

* tools/dist/templates/release-notes-lts.ezt

New file. remove 1.12 from supported release lines. revert changing interpreter to 'python3' from r1869158. some Python 3 fixes.
* tools/dist/

(write_news): Remove scalpel left behind in r1869134. Automatically add to dist/ a current KEYS file with each release.

In particular, this means versioned KEYS files will be archived to

archive.a.o/dist/, and will continue to contain keys after those have

been removed from a committer's id.a.o profile.

* tools/dist/

(download_file): Make checksum verification opt-outable.

(roll_tarballs): Download the KEYS file to the target directory.

Rely on TLS for authenticity and integrity of the downloaded

file (as we already do for authenticity and integrity of the subsequent

commit operation).

* tools/dist/templates/download.ezt,

* tools/dist/templates/rc-release-ann.ezt,

* tools/dist/templates/stable-release-ann.ezt:

Link to the per-release KEYS file.

* tools/dist/

(write_news): Validate the argument to the --news-release-date option.

Follow-up to r1869118.

In ' write-news': Add '--news-release-date' option.
* tools/dist/

(nominate_main, nominate_usage): Add syntactic sugar CLI for recent revisions.

* tools/dist/

(update_backport_bot): Update instructions for this manual step.

* tools/dist/

(create_status_file_on_branch): Move the template from here...

* tools/dist/templates/STATUS.ezt

... to this new file.

* tools/dist/templates/release-notes.ezt: Add 'work in progress' warning.
* tools/dist/templates/release-notes.ezt: Fix comment-in-comment syntax.
* tools/dist/ Add a new subcommand 'write-release-notes'.

* tools/dist/templates/release-notes.ezt: New template.

* tools/dist/ Make '--target' a global option.
* tools/dist/


get_download_anchor): Move out of Version class.

* tools/dist/ Fix broken 'roll' command, following r1867134.
* tools/dist/ (recommended_release): Update to 1.13

in preparation for rolling the 1.13 release.