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* tools/buildbot/slaves/bb-openbsd/ Stop testing BDB.

* tools/buildbot/slaves/bb-openbsd/ Limit parallel tests

to 4 at a time.

* tools/buildbot/slaves/bb-openbsd/ Run tests in parallel.

* tools/buildbot/slaves/bb-openbsd/ Stop testing memcached server.

* tools/buildbot/slaves/bb-openbsd


Adjust these scripts to fit my new build machine.

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* tools/buildbot/slaves/bb-openbsd/ Enable exclusive working

copy locks for the bb-openbsd buildbot. This might speed it up a bit.

* tools/buildbot/slaves/bb-openbsd/ Enable memcached during

tests on the bb-openbsd buildbot.

* tools/buildbot/slaves/bb-openbsd/ Revert changes from r1480393,

the problem has been fixed in the buildbot master config (see infra

repository r861433).

* tools/dev/buildbot/slaves/bb-openbsd/ Run RA-local tests only.

Perhaps this will fix the constant backlog this bot is suffering from.

It keeps building very outdated revisions and is thus rather useless.

* tools/buildbot/slaves/bb-openbsd/ Don't grep the bindings test

logs for failures. This script is not running bindings test.

* tools/buildbot/slaves/bb-openbsd/,

tools/buildbot/slaves/bb-openbsd/ Don't assume thread-support

during tests -- we're currently building without threads on this buildbot.

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* tools/buildbot/bb-openbsd/ Don't run tests in parallel.

This bot has a single CPU so the benefit of running in parallel is minimal.