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Apply ASF license headers to a number of files included under that license

but lacking said header.

Patch by: Niall Pemberton <niallp{_AT_}>

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Channeling Erik Hülsmann, remove all trailing whitespace within our source


for extsn in c h cpp java py pl rb; do

sed -i -e 's/[ \t]*$//' `find . -name "*.$extsn" | xargs grep '[ \t]$' -l`


Inspired by: ehu

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* tools/bdb/ Fix typo in case of exception name 'DBNotFoundError'.

Set svn:eol-style='native' on some text files that were lacking it.

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* tools/bdb/ (Ctx.__init__): Fix BDB environment creation to use the

right deadlock detection policy. Simplify unnecessary code. Take full

control over the creation of the BDB environment, to ensure it is done with

the correct setting.

Make the tools/bdb tools more concise to use in interactive Python sessions.

* tools/bdb/ (Ctx): Merge the open() method into __init__.

* tools/bdb/ Adapt to the above change.

* tools/bdb/ Ditto.

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Add some useful tools for low-level work with BDB repositories.

* tools/bdb: New directory.

* tools/bdb/ New - a skel parser/unparser.

* tools/bdb/ New - convenience handle for opening all the databases

of a subversion repository.

* tools/bdb/ New - a pretty printer for BDB repositories.

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