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Changeset 841298 is being indexed.

Fixed a bunch of spurious whitespace in copyright notices.

Revert change to that attempted to compensate for the

slightly different style in the Ruby bindings licenses.

Change all the Ruby binding file licences to be the same as the rest

of Subversion.

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Sigh. Hadn't updated the new license in for the

previous commit. Here we go again...

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Move svn-dev.el to tools/dev/, then update copyright notice and

svn-dev.el loader for all files.

[Note: see next commit. I'd forgotten to update the license in, so not all copyright notices were updated in

the way they should have been.]

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* tools/ Change to reflect new license.

* everything with a license: Updated with text acknowledging

contributors and advising how to track contribution history.

Suggested by C. Scott Ananian <>.

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Rename the svn_string_t type to svn_stringbuf_t.

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Update copyright from 2000 to 2000-2001. Used gstein's script to make it all happen. Thanks, Greg.

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* libsvn_fs/delta.c

(replace_with_nearest): De-commissioned this function until further


(add_file_or_dir): Cosmetic changes only.

(replace_file_or_dir): Added base_revision validity check.

(delta_dirs): Changed to, instead of using the de-commissioned

replace_with_nearest, replace unrelated entries with a deleta/add

combo (with cheese, no pickles, onion rings, and Biggie-size that,


* tests/libsvn_fs/dir-delta-editor.c

* tests/libsvn_fs/dir-delta-editor.h

New files for the svn_fs_dir_delta test case in fs-test.c, these

contain the implementation of an editor driven by svn_fs_dir_delta

to in turn use filesystem calls to modify the state of a transaction


* tests/libsvn_fs/

(dir-delta-editor.c) New file to build.

* tests/libsvn_fs/fs-test.c

#include dir-delta-editor.h and svn_delta.h now. Also, fixed some

comments in places where tree_test_entry_t's were used.

(tree_test_t): New structure for wrapping tree_test_entry_t items.

(txn_script_command_t): New structure for making quick-n-dirty edits

to a filesystem transaction.

(txn_script_exec): Function for executing the quick-n-dirty edits as

defined by the array of txn_script_command_t's.

(dir_deltas): New test case for svn_fs_dir_delta().

(test_funcs): Added reference to new test dir_deltas.

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