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* notes/svnsync.txt

Remove mention of SVK, which is no longer developed

Review by: stsp

* notes/svnsync.txt: Update auth parameters.
* notes/svnsync.txt (FAQ): Suggest 'svnadmin setuuid' instead of

'svnadmin load' with an ad hoc dumpfile.

Grammar fix, following up to r31611.

Found by: Liu Yubao <>

(The bug itself is my fault.)

* notes/svnsync.txt: s/Don't not/Don't/.

* notes/svnsync.txt:

Add FAQ entry about relocating source repository for svnsync.

Patch by: Liu Yubao <>

(with thanks to Eric Brayet <>)

* notes/svnsync.txt: undo the change of r28126, which shouldn't have been

committed. (issue #3033).

* notes/svnsync.txt: update section on svnsyncing one subdirectory of a


[This change is removed in r28747]

* notes/svnsync.txt: Add quoting to prevent shell errors in example.

Patch by:

(Delivered as issue #3033, now resolved.)

Add svn:eol-style property to:

* changelist-design.txt

* merge-tracking.txt

* sparse-directories.txt

* svnsync.txt

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
* notes/svnsync.txt

(FAQ): Change hook recommendation for the mirror from a pre-commit hook

to a start-commit and a pre-lock hook.

Fix sample svnsync setup commands to work properly (under bash).

* notes/svnsync.txt

(Basic Setup): Quote heredoc delimiter, so that $3 and $USER

in the script don't get expanded.

Add three questions to the svnsync FAQ: do you need to be on the same

machine as the repositories (no), does it work properly with authz

(yes), can you mirror subdirectories (no).

* notes/svnsync.txt

(FAQ) Three new FAQs.

Note that svnsync needs pre-revprop-change for two different reasons.

* notes/svnsync.txt

(Basic Setup): Mention other reason for revprop hook.

Add a FAQ about changing revprops on the master repository.

Suggested by: Kamesh Jayachandran <>

* notes/svnsync.txt

(FAQ): New faq.

Add some notes on how to use svnsync, since people seem to keep asking

the same questions and it'd be good to have the answers written down.

* notes/svnsync.txt: New file.