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Move the Subversion book, and its translations, out of the Subversion

repository. They will now live in a repository dedicated to the book

and its translations:


(doc): Remove doc-book from the dependency list.

(BOOK_DIR, doc-book, doc-book-html, doc-book-pdf, doc-book-ps):

Remove obsolete rules and definitions.

(DOCS_DIRS): Remove $(BOOK_DIR) from definition.

(doc-all-html): Remove doc-book-html from the dependency list.

(doc-all-pdf): Remove doc-book-pdf from the dependency list.

(doc-all-ps): Remove doc-book-ps from the dependency list.

* doc/book/README

Make this document only talk about the miscellaneous docs.

* doc/book/book/README

* doc/translations/german/book/README

* doc/translations/spanish/book/README

* doc/translations/russian/book/README

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/README

Added these notes to let folks know that stuff has moved (and to where).

* doc/translations/russian/book/appb.xml

* doc/translations/russian/book/images

* doc/translations/russian/book/images/ch02dia2.png

* doc/translations/russian/book/images/ch02dia3.png

* doc/translations/russian/book/images/ch02dia4.png

* doc/translations/russian/book/images/ch02dia5.png

* doc/translations/russian/book/images/ch02dia6.png

* doc/translations/russian/book/images/ch02dia1.png

* doc/translations/russian/book/book.xml

* doc/translations/russian/readme.txt

* doc/translations/spanish/.aspell_ignore

* doc/translations/spanish/TRABAJO

* doc/translations/spanish/

* doc/translations/spanish/LEAME

* doc/translations/spanish/

* doc/translations/spanish/COORDINADOR

* doc/translations/spanish/TODO

* doc/translations/spanish/book/ch04.xml.aspell_ignore

* doc/translations/spanish/book/appa.xml

* doc/translations/spanish/book/appb.xml

* doc/translations/spanish/book/appc.xml

* doc/translations/spanish/book/appd.xml

* doc/translations/spanish/book/ch08.xml.aspell_ignore

* doc/translations/spanish/book/appe.xml

* doc/translations/spanish/book/foreword.xml

* doc/translations/spanish/book/ch00.xml

* doc/translations/spanish/book/book.xml

* doc/translations/spanish/book/ch01.xml

* doc/translations/spanish/book/colo.xml

* doc/translations/spanish/book/ch02.xml

* doc/translations/spanish/book/ch03.xml

* doc/translations/spanish/book/ch04.xml

* doc/translations/spanish/book/ch05.xml

* doc/translations/spanish/book/ch06.xml

* doc/translations/spanish/book/ch07.xml

* doc/translations/spanish/book/ch08.xml

* doc/translations/spanish/book/glossary.xml

* doc/translations/spanish/book/ch09.xml

* doc/translations/spanish/book/images

* doc/translations/spanish/book/images/ch02dia2.png

* doc/translations/spanish/book/images/ch02dia3.png

* doc/translations/spanish/book/images/ch04dia1.png

* doc/translations/spanish/book/images/ch04dia2.png

* doc/translations/spanish/book/images/ch02dia4.png

* doc/translations/spanish/book/images/ch04dia3.png

* doc/translations/spanish/book/images/ch02dia5.png

* doc/translations/spanish/book/images/ch04dia4.png

* doc/translations/spanish/book/images/ch02dia6.png

* doc/translations/spanish/book/images/ch08dia1.png

* doc/translations/spanish/book/images/ch02dia7.png

* doc/translations/spanish/book/images/ch08dia2.png

* doc/translations/spanish/book/images/warning.png

* doc/translations/spanish/book/images/note.png

* doc/translations/spanish/book/images/ch01dia1.png

* doc/translations/spanish/book/images/info.png

* doc/translations/spanish/book/images/ch02dia1.png

* doc/translations/spanish/book/copyright.xml

* doc/translations/spanish/book/foreword.xml.aspell_ignore

* doc/translations/spanish/book/styles.css

* doc/translations/spanish/book/book.xml.aspell_ignore

* doc/translations/spanish/book/ch00.xml.aspell_ignore

* doc/translations/spanish/book/ch01.xml.aspell_ignore

* doc/translations/spanish/book/ch03.xml.aspell_ignore

* doc/translations/spanish/glosario_traduccion

* doc/translations/spanish/Makefile

* doc/translations/spanish/README

* doc/translations/spanish/publicacion_oficial

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/TRANSLATION-STATUS

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/REVIEW

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/HACKING

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/TODO

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/LAST_UPDATED

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/appa.xml

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/appb.xml

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/appc.xml

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/appd.xml

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/foreword.xml

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/ch00.xml

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/book.xml

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/ch01.xml

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/ch02.xml

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/colo.xml

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/ch03.xml

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/ch04.xml

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/ch05.xml

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/ch06.xml

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/ch07.xml

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/ch08.xml

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/ch09.xml

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/glossary.xml

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/images

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/images/ch02dia2.png

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/images/ch04dia4.xcf

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/images/ch02dia3.png

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/images/ch04dia1.png

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/images/ch02dia4.png

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/images/ch04dia2.png

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/images/ch04dia3.png

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/images/ch02dia5.png

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/images/ch02dia6.png

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/images/ch04dia4.png

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/images/ch08dia1.png

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/images/ch02dia7.png

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/images/ch08dia2.png

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/images/branches.ppt

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/images/warning.png

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/images/note.png

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/images/VersioningModels.ppt

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/images/ch01dia1.xcf

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/images/DirectoryModels.ppt

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/images/ch02dia1.xcf

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/images/ch02dia2.xcf

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/images/ch02dia3.xcf

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/images/ch04dia1.xcf

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/images/ch01dia1.png

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/images/ch02dia4.xcf

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/images/ch02dia1.png

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/images/info.png

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/images/ch02dia5.xcf

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/copyright.xml

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/styles.css

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/outline.txt

* doc/translations/german/book/ch07.xml

* doc/translations/german/book/ch08.xml

* doc/translations/german/book/ch09.xml

* doc/translations/german/book/foreword.xml

* doc/translations/german/book/ch00.xml

* doc/translations/german/book/book.xml

* doc/translations/german/book/ch01.xml

* doc/translations/german/book/ch02.xml

* doc/book/REVIEW

* doc/book/

* doc/book/HACKING

* doc/book/TODO

* doc/book/book/appa.xml

* doc/book/book/appb.xml

* doc/book/book/appc.xml

* doc/book/book/appd.xml

* doc/book/book/foreword.xml

* doc/book/book/ch00.xml

* doc/book/book/book.xml

* doc/book/book/ch01.xml

* doc/book/book/ch02.xml

* doc/book/book/colo.xml

* doc/book/book/ch03.xml

* doc/book/book/ch04.xml

* doc/book/book/ch05.xml

* doc/book/book/ch06.xml

* doc/book/book/ch07.xml

* doc/book/book/ch08.xml

* doc/book/book/glossary.xml

* doc/book/book/ch09.xml

* doc/book/book/images

* doc/book/book/images/ch02dia2.png

* doc/book/book/images/ch02dia3.png

* doc/book/book/images/ch04dia1.png

* doc/book/book/images/ch02dia4.png

* doc/book/book/images/ch04dia2.png

* doc/book/book/images/ch02dia5.png

* doc/book/book/images/ch04dia3.png

* doc/book/book/images/ch02dia6.png

* doc/book/book/images/ch04dia4.png

* doc/book/book/images/ch08dia1.png

* doc/book/book/images/ch02dia7.png

* doc/book/book/images/ch08dia2.png

* doc/book/book/images/branches.ppt

* doc/book/book/images/warning.png

* doc/book/book/images/note.png

* doc/book/book/images/VersioningModels.ppt

* doc/book/book/images/DirectoryModels.ppt

* doc/book/book/images/ch01dia1.png

* doc/book/book/images/ch02dia1.png

* doc/book/book/images/info.png

* doc/book/book/copyright.xml

* doc/book/book/styles.css

* doc/book/outline.txt

Removed (from this repository).

  1. … 112 more files in changeset.
Various book corrections.

In trunk/doc/book:

* TODO: Note that we should standardize "use-case" vs. "use case".

* book/ch05.xml: Don't misinform about what UUID means.

* book/ch06.xml: Be consistent about the example server name.

* book/ch09.xml (svn import refentry): Rename "vendors" to "misc", to avoid a

generic import example implying things about vendor branching.

Patch by: Jason Robbins <>

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
Drag the book kicking and screaming into 2005. Fill in big gaps.

* doc/book/book/ch03.xml

(Resolve Conflicts): Explain what happens in the case of a binary

file with a conflict.

* doc/book/book/ch04.xml

(Merge Conflicts): New section explaining "skipped" messages from merge,

how file conflicts can happen, and how merge

uses different conflict fulltext suffixes.

(Common Branching Patterns): New section explaining how "release

branches" and "feature branches" work.

* doc/book/book/ch05.xml

(Hook Scripts): Add tip about hooks running with empty environments.

Mention alongside

* doc/book/book/ch06.xml

(Overview): Tweak some wording.

(svnserve): Mention that tools exist to run svnserve as win32 service.

* doc/book/TODO: remove to-dones.

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
Itty bitty book patch.

Patch by: Ryan Cresawn <>

Book: fix some quotes, commands and subcommands.

Patch by: Larry Shatzer <>

* doc/book/book/appb.xml

Use <quote> where appropriate.

Use <command> around a svn command.

* doc/book/book/ch03.xml

* doc/book/book/ch06.xml

Use full subcommand name, not an alias.

* doc/book/book/ch07.xml

Use official subcommand name 'delete', not 'remove'.

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
Mention that even with svnserve write access can be managed by path.

* book/book/ch06.xml: Extend features table. Renumber section 3.3 to

section 3.4. Add section 3.3 about external means to authorize path

write access.

* book/book/ch07.xml: Renumber reference to old section 3.3.

  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
Various small svnbook tweaks.

* doc/book/book/appb.xml

(svn-ap-b-sect-1.2.8): 'make install' changed to <command>make


(svn-ap-b-sect-1.2.9): '.' changed to <quote>.</quote>.

(svn-ap-b-sect-1.2.10, svn-ap-b-sect-1.2.15, svn-ap-b-sect-1.2.16): ""

changed to <quote></quote>.

* doc/book/book/appd.xml

(svn-ap-d-sect-3, svn-ap-d-sect-4): Fixed <listitem> indents.

* doc/book/book/ch01.xml

(svn-ch-1-sect-7): Changed <listitem> style to the one used elsewhere

in the book.

* doc/book/book/ch02.xml

(svn-ch-2-sect-2.2, svn-ch-2-sect-3.3): <listitem> style tweaks for

consistency with other places in the book.

* doc/book/book/ch03.xml

(svn-ch-3-sect-6.3): Fixed <title> indent.

* doc/book/book/ch04.xml

(svn-ch-4-sect-1): '' changed to <quote></quote>.

(svn-ch-4-sect-3.1): Added missing "command" in a sentence.

(svn-ch-4-sect-4.3): Moved period outside parentheses, moved period

outside <quote></quote>.

(svn-ch-4-sect-5): '' changed to <quote></quote>.

* doc/book/book/ch05.xml

(svn-ch-5-sect-1.1): Fixed <para> indent.

(svn-ch-5-sect-2): Fixed <varlistentry> indents.

(svn-ch-5-sect-3.2): Fixed </warning> indent.

* doc/book/book/ch06.xml

(svn-ch-6-sect-2.2): Fixed <footnote> indent, joined </para> with line

and tweaked <listitem> style to comply with the rest of the book.

(svn-ch-6-sect-4): Joined </para> with paragraph.

* doc/book/book/ch07.xml

(svn-ch-7-sect-2.3.3): Fixed indent of <screen> element.

(svn-ch-7-sect-4.1): Fixed <para> indent.

  1. … 8 more files in changeset.
Book: expand some jargon compound words.

Writing a jargon phrase such as "dump file" as a compound word ("dumpfile") is

common among those who use it often, but inappropriate in text aimed at a wide


* doc/book/book/appb.xml

* doc/book/book/ch00.xml

* doc/book/book/ch01.xml

* doc/book/book/ch03.xml

* doc/book/book/ch04.xml

* doc/book/book/ch05.xml

* doc/book/book/ch06.xml

* doc/book/book/ch09.xml

Expand contracted forms of "stumbling-block", "bug fix", "patch file", "dump

file", "lock file", "log file". In some cases re-phrase the sentence.

  1. … 7 more files in changeset.
Lots of indent fixes in the svnbook. Only whitespace changes except one

empty <para></para> deleted from ch09.xml .

* doc/book/book/appa.xml

(svn-ap-a-sect-1, svn-ap-a-sect-3, svn-ap-a-sect-4, svn-ap-a-sect-5):

<para> indents.

* doc/book/book/appb.xml

(svn-ap-b-sect-1.2.12, svn-ap-b-sect-1.2.15): <para> indents.

* doc/book/book/appc.xml

(svn-ap-c-sect-1.1, svn-ap-c-sect-3.3): <para> indent.

(svn-ap-c-sect-1.2): <varlistentry>, <listitem> and <para> indents.

* doc/book/book/ch00.xml

(svn-ch-0-sect-7): Fix <para> indents.

(end of file): Restore "local variables" section after reformatting in


* doc/book/book/ch01.xml

(svn-ch-1-sect-3, svn-ch-1-sect-7): More <para> fixes.

* doc/book/book/ch04.xml

(svn-ch-4-sect-2.2, svn-ch-4-sect-2.3, svn-ch-4-sect-5): Fix <para>


(svn-ch-4-sect-3.1): Reformat footnote and fix <para>.

* doc/book/book/ch05.xml

(svn-ch-5-sect-2.2, svn-ch-5-sect-3.5, svn-ch-5-sect-6.1): <para>.

* doc/book/book/ch06.xml

(svn-ch-6-sidebar-1, svn-ch-6-sect-3.2.1, svn-ch-6-sect-3.2.2,

svn-ch-6-sect-3.3, svn-ch-6-sect-4.3): <para> indents.

* doc/book/book/ch07.xml

(svn-ch-7-sect-1.3.2, svn-ch-7-sect-2.1, svn-ch-7-sect-2.3.3): <para>


* doc/book/book/ch08.xml

(svn-ch-8-sect-3): <para> indent.

* doc/book/book/ch09.xml

(svn-ch-9): Join </para> with paragraph.

(svn-ch-9-sect-1.1, ): <para> indents, break a long line, join </para>

with paragraph.

(svn-ch-9-sect-1.2-re-blame, svn-ch-9-sect-1.2-re-cat

(svn-ap-c-sect-3.3, svn-ch-9-sect-1.2, svn-ch-9-sect-2,

svn-ch-9-sect-2.1, svn-ch-9-sect-2.2, svn-ch-9-sect-3.2): <para>


(svn-ch-9-sect-1.2-re-merge): Join </para> with paragraph.


svn-ch-9-sect-2.2-re-list-dblogs): <para> and </refsect1> indents.

(svn-ch-9-sect-2.2-re-deltify): Removed empty <para></para>.

  1. … 10 more files in changeset.
Minor fixes to the book: basically capitalisation and mark-up fixes.

* doc/book/book/appa.xml

Remove extraneous spaces before and after mark-up.

Fix mark-up: change some instances of <command> to <literal>.

* doc/book/book/appb.xml

Capitalise 'Apache'.

Fix mark-up: change some instances of <filename> to <command>.

* doc/book/book/appc.xml


* doc/book/book/ch03.xml

Remove an obsolete comment in the XML source.

Remove extraneous spaces before and after mark-up.

* doc/book/book/ch04.xml

Remove an obsolete comment in the XML source.

Capitalise 'URLs'.

Remove extraneous spaces before and after mark-up.

* doc/book/book/ch06.xml

Fix mark-up of some instances of <command>, <filename>, <literal>.

* doc/book/book/ch09.xml

Remove extraneous spaces before and after mark-up.


Fix mark-up of some instances of <command>, <filename>, etc.

  1. … 6 more files in changeset.
Minor fixes to the book.

* doc/book/book/appb.xml

Capitalise "Subversion" and "Apache".

Remove spaces at end of paragraphs.

* doc/book/book/ch00.xml

* doc/book/book/ch02.xml

* doc/book/book/ch04.xml

* doc/book/book/ch06.xml

Remove spaces at end of paragraphs.

* doc/book/book/ch07.xml

* doc/book/book/ch09.xml

Fix mark-up of some <option>s, <literal>s, etc.

Remove spaces at end of paragraphs.

  1. … 6 more files in changeset.
Fix niggles in the book.

Patch by: Chris Pepper <>

(Tweaked by me.)

* doc/book/book/ch00.xml:

Consistently use "command-line" rather than "commandline".

* doc/book/book/ch01.xml:

Consistently use "command-line" rather than "commandline".

Remove spaces around '&mdash;' to conform with the style guide.

* doc/book/book/ch02.xml:

Clean up some redundant and awkward wording.

* doc/book/book/ch03.xml:

Clean up some redundant and awkward wording.

* doc/book/book/ch05.xml:

Remove spaces around '&mdash;'.

* doc/book/book/ch06.xml:

Consistently use "command-line" rather than "commandline".

* doc/book/book/ch09.xml:

Remove spaces around '&mdash;'.

  1. … 6 more files in changeset.
Document a bunch of new svn 1.1 features in the Book.

* ch03.xml: mention versioned symbolic links -- generalize explanation

of 'add', 'rm' commands, and desciptions of 'svn st' output.

* ch05.xml: update output text of new non-blocking 'svnadmin recover'.

* ch07.xml: new 'svn:special' sections documents versioned symbolic

link behavior. Document new 'store-passwords' runtime variable.

* ch06.xml: in the svn+ssh:// "checklist", no need to tell people to

run 'chmod g+s repos/db/' anymore. 'svnadmin create' does that now.

Explain the new 'svnadmin dump --deltas' switch.

* ch08.xml: replace SVN_REVNUM_T_FMT with %ld in sample code.

* ch09.xml: mention versioned symbolic links in 'svn add' reference.

mention new --deltas switch to 'svnadmin dump'.

document the new 'svnadmin create --fs-type TYPE' option.

document the new 'svnadmin recover --wait' option.

document the new 'svn export --native-eol EOL' option.

  1. … 6 more files in changeset.
Various book improvements, appropriate for both svn 1.0 and 1.1.

(These changes will be backported to the 1.0 branch.)

* doc/book/book/book.xml:

- put "Subversion 1.0" in the book's subtitle, right at the top

of the document. It's time to plainly differentiate between

the 1.0 and 1.1 versions of the book.

* doc/book/book/ch05.xml:

(Hook Scripts): mention that start-commit and pre-commit hooks

return stderr to the client. Don't state that pre-commit

hook is the "only" way to get per-directory access control;

instead, xref to mod_authz_svn.

(Migrating): mention running 'switch --relocate' after doing

a repos migration, since it's an extremely common thing.

* doc/book/book/ch06.xml:

(Per-Directory Authz): explain that an explictly-mentioned

path in the accessfile will always override inherited

permissions from parent dirs.

(SSH authn): mention the possible need for 'ssh-agent' or 'pageant'.

* doc/book/book/ch07.xml:

(Externals): mention that relative paths and files can't be

used in an externals definition.

* doc/book/book/ch09.xml

(svn switch): verbosify explanation of --relocate option.

* doc/book/book/appc.xml:

(Mapping DeltaV): correct description of update REPORT.

* doc/book/book/appa.xml):

(Versioned Modules): clarify 'changing definition' of a module.

(Authentication): explain svn+ssh:// as the exception to the rule.

* TODO: remove to-dones.

  1. … 7 more files in changeset.
Add missing svn:eol-style and svn:mime-type properties to a number of files

under doc/ .

* doc/book/REVIEW

* doc/book/TODO

* doc/book/book/styles.css

* doc/book/tools/chunk-stylesheet.xsl

* doc/book/tools/html-stylesheet.xsl

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/styles.css

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/tools/html-stylesheet.xsl

* doc/user/cvs-crossover-guide.html

* doc/user/lj_article.txt

* doc/user/svn-best-practices.html

- svn:eol-style native

* doc/book/book/ch06.xml

* doc/book/book/foreword.xml

* doc/translations/norwegian_nb/book/foreword.xml

- svn:mime-type text/xml

- svn:eol-style native

  1. … 12 more files in changeset.
Add a warning about svnlook and svnadmin to the svn+ssh checklist.

Patch by: Andy Whitcroft <>


* doc/book/book/ch06.xml

(svn-ch-6-sect-5): Mention that svnlook and svnadmin need to access

the repository with a sane umask, in addition to svnserve.

Book tweak.

* doc/book/book/ch06.xml: reword explanation of svnserve's CRAM-MD5 authn.

Emphasize the fact that the password never travels over the network.

Fix incorrect grammar and awkward phrasing in the book.

* doc/book/book/appb.xml

(svn-ap-b-sect-1.2.1): Insert a missing "a", and complete an incomplete

phrase. Also break up a run-on sentence.

(svn-ap-b-sect-1.2.8): Remove "which" that breaks the flow of the sentence.

* doc/book/book/ch03.xml

(svn-ch-3-sect-4.2): Fix an awkward sentence by removing an unnecessary

parenthetical phrase.

(svn-ch-3-sect-4.3.1): Change "of file" to "of the file".

* doc/book/book/ch05.xml

(svn-ch-5-sect-3.1.3): Remove an unnecessary "really" and a redundant "at

this point". Rewrite several awkward sentences.

* doc/book/book/ch06.xml

(svn-ch-6-sect-3.3): Change "as user" to "as the user".

(svn-ch-6-sect-4): Remove unnecessary "which".

(svn-ch-6-sect-4.4.2): Change "user" to "the user", and change a few other

awkward phrases.

* doc/book/book/ch07.xml

(svn-ch-7-sect-1.1): Remove unnecessary "again"

(svn-ch-7-sect-1.3.1): Fix an incomplete sentence, and change "semi-colon

delimited" to "semicolon-delimited".

(svn-ch-7-sect-2.2): Change "lossage" to "loss".

(svn-ch-7-sect-2.3.3): Break up run-on sentence with a colon.

* doc/book/book/ch08.xml

(svn-ch-8-dia-2): Change "Revisioning" to "Versioning".

(svn-ch-8-sect-1.1, svn-ch-8-sect-1.2.1, svn-ch-8-sect-1.2.3): Add a few

words to make sentences read better.

(svn-ch-8-sect-6.4): Remove redundant "actually".

* doc/book/book/ch09.xml

(svn-ch-9-sect-1.2): Change "in working copy" to "in your working copy".

Capitalize "id" where it occurs. Add a few missing words and punctuation.

(svn-ch-9-sect-3.2): Fix a misleading sentence: svnlook propget shows the

property values of a file, not the value of the file itself.

  1. … 6 more files in changeset.
* doc/book/book/ch06.xml

Fix some untruths and typos.

Book tweaks: add small <para> introductions between <sect1> and <sect2>.

* doc/book/book/ch02.xml: introduce "Versioning Models" and

"Subversion in Action".

* doc/book/book/ch06.xml: introduce "Authorization Options" and "Extra


* doc/book/book/appb.xml: introduce "Problems Using Subversion".

  1. … 2 more files in changeset.
Fix typos, missing words, and missing punctuation.

Patch by: Michael W Thelen <>

* doc/book/book/appb.xml,

* doc/book/book/appc.xml,

* doc/book/book/appd.xml,

* doc/book/book/ch00.xml,

* doc/book/book/ch03.xml,

* doc/book/book/ch04.xml,

* doc/book/book/ch05.xml,

* doc/book/book/ch06.xml,

* doc/book/book/ch07.xml,

* doc/book/book/ch08.xml,

* doc/book/book/ch09.xml:

Fix minor nits.

  1. … 8 more files in changeset.
Book fix.

Patch by: Florian Zumbiehl <>

* doc/book/book/ch06.xml: @ is an "at" symbol, not an ampersand. duh.

Fix minor sentence structure inconsistencies in the book.

Patch by: Michael W Thelen <>

* doc/book/book/ch05.xml

(svn-ch-5-sect-3.1.2): Change several sentences that begin with

third-person singular verbs (e.g. "Creates a repository") so they

start with the verb in the imperative form (e.g. "Create a

repository"). This is for consistency across all the svnadmin

subcommand listings.

* doc/book/book/ch06.xml

(svn-ch-6-table-1): Uncapitalize "viewing" in "Web viewing", for

consistency with the other items in the table.

* doc/book/book/ch07.xml

(svn-ch-7-sect-2.3.4): Add a period at the end of the LastChangedBy

description, for consistency with the other keyword descriptions.

* doc/book/book/ch09.xml:

(svn-ch-9-sect-1.1): Change imperative verbs to third-person

singular form, for consistency across all the svn switches.

(svn-ch-9-sect-1.2): Change third-person singular verbs to

imperative form, for consistency across all the svn subcommand

listings. Also fix missing periods at the ends of sentences.

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
Consistify the format of our book id="" attributes.

* doc/book/book/appb.xml

* doc/book/book/appc.xml

* doc/book/book/ch01.xml

* doc/book/book/ch02.xml

* doc/book/book/ch04.xml

* doc/book/book/ch06.xml

* doc/book/book/ch08.xml

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Book fixes.

* doc/book/book/ch02.xml

* doc/book/book/ch04.xml

* doc/book/book/ch05.xml

* doc/book/book/ch06.xml

* doc/book/book/ch08.xml

Add textual references to figures and tables. Lowercase figure

captions. Make other little changes here and there.

* doc/book/book/ch09.xml

Removing extra 'svnadmin dump' reference stuffs.

* doc/book/book/foreword.xml

Just markup changes here.

  1. … 7 more files in changeset.
Book tweaks.

* doc/book/book/ch06.xml: fix capitalization of Harry & Sally in

regular textual descriptions.

* doc/book/book/appa.xml: be more gracious in describing 'cvs up'.

* doc/book/TODO: scratch off finished things.

  1. … 2 more files in changeset.
Fix some typos and small mistakes.

Suggested by: Florian Zumbiehl <>

* doc/book/book/ch03.xml, doc/book/book/ch04.xml,

doc/book/book/ch06.xml, doc/book/book/ch07.xml: Fix nits.

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
Book tweaks.

* ch06.xml: reword the svn+ssh:// checklist.

Book tweaks.

Thanks for feedback from Robert P. J. Day <> and

Martin Furter <>.

* ch05.xml: document the conf/ directory in a newly created repos.

* ch09.xml: fix typo in 'svnlook history' example.

* ch06.xml: show mod_dav being loaded in httpd.conf examples.

* foreword.xml: credit Karl Fogel.

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
Book tweakage.

* ch03.xml: oops, missed a "./path" or two.

* ch06.xml: make a checklist sidebar that clearly outlines all the

steps one needs to take to get svn+ssh:// working.

  1. … 1 more file in changeset.