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Generate build/ from using

information read from build.conf.

* build/generator/


New functions which generate

(write): Call write_transform_libtool_scripts.

* build/


Approved-by: philip

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* build/ Add svnrdump.



Generate, don't hardcode, a list of libraries.

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Merge the atomic-revprop branch to trunk.

This branch adds the svn_ra_change_rev_prop2() API, which enables revision

property edits to be atomic: the caller provides an old value and the FS layer

will only allow the edit to go through if the value it sees is that old value.

(The FS layer support, svn_fs_change_rev_prop2(), has been in trunk since

before the branch was started.)

It then uses the new API in svnsync to set the svn:sync-lock mutex on the

target repository, addressing issue #3546.

For further details, see:

* the BRANCH-README [1];

* the issue [2];

* periodic dev@ threads during the lifetime of the branch;

* the log messages on the branch.



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* build/ Clean 'libtool_script_libraries' variable

after setting it for previous script.

Apply ASF license headers to a number of files included under that license

but lacking said header.

Patch by: Niall Pemberton <niallp{_AT_}>

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* build/

(sed_append): Escape the backslash. Some shells will eat it before the

string gets passed to sed, and sed expects to see the backslash.

Fixes build on OpenBSD.

Review by: arfrever

* build/ Find tests only with depth=2 to improve


Found by: stsp

* build/ Transform tests in alphabetic order.

Add the '--disable-local-use' option which allows to disable using of locally

built executables.


(local-use): New.


(local-all): Depend on '@TRANSFORM_LIBTOOL_SCRIPTS@'.

* build/ Delete the check for Mac OS which was

moved to

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* build/ Transform svnversion.

Follow-up to r37443:

* build/ Fix calls to sed_append().


(local-all): Depend on 'transform-libtool-scripts' rule.

(transform-libtool-scripts): Restore this rule.

(INCLUDES): Fix indentation.

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* build/

(sed_append): Use more portable syntax.

* build/ Add some comments. Fix dependencies

of svnsync.

* build/ Fix a typo in values of some variables.

* build/ auth-test dynamically loads

libsvn_auth_gnome_keyring and libsvn_auth_kwallet libraries, so preload

these libraries in auth-test.

Define LD_PRELOAD at the beginning of libtool wrapper scripts to avoid

potential problems with libtool wrapper scripts generated by future versions

of libtool.

* build/ Don't use ${!variable} syntax, which

isn't supported by primitive shells.

Follow-up to r37391:

* build/ Delete duplicated item from 'executables'


* build/ Include only actually needed libraries

in definitions of LD_PRELOAD.

* build/ Exclude 'subversion/bindings' directory.

* build/ Don't perform any changes on Mac OS.

Follow-up to r37369:

* build/ Fix a typo in name of a variable.

Use LD_PRELOAD to ensure that locally built Subversion libraries are used.

It allows to use locally built dynamically loaded libraries (libsvn_auth_kwallet,

libsvn_auth_gnome_keyring etc.).


(local-all): Depend on 'transform-libtool-scripts' rule.

(transform-libtool-scripts): New rule which calls


* build/ New script which adds definitions of

LD_PRELOAD to libtool wrapper scripts.

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