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Changeset 878359 is being indexed.

Revert r38218. Buildbots now provide 'config.log' when an error occurs.

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Revert r38164.

Since r38218 buildbots should print the content of 'config.log' which should

allow to quicklier fix possible problems.

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Make `configure` sometimes print the content of 'config.log' when an error occurs.

* build/ac-macros/svn-macros.m4


* build/ac-macros/apache.m4:

* build/ac-macros/apr.m4:

* build/ac-macros/apr_memcache.m4:

* build/ac-macros/aprutil.m4:

* build/ac-macros/berkeley-db.m4:

* build/ac-macros/ctypesgen.m4:

* build/ac-macros/gssapi.m4:

* build/ac-macros/java.m4:

* build/ac-macros/kwallet.m4:

* build/ac-macros/neon.m4:

* build/ac-macros/sasl.m4:

* build/ac-macros/serf.m4:

* build/ac-macros/sqlite.m4:

* build/ac-macros/swig.m4:

* build/ac-macros/zlib.m4:

* Use SVN_MSG_ERROR() instead of AC_MSG_ERROR().

[Reverted in r38285.]

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Revert r38152, r38133, r38132, and r38120.

Per our 'build breakage can be immediately reverted" policy, I'm reverting

these revisions which introduced feature regressions in various dependency

detections at configure-time. This is evidenced by at least one buildbot.

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Don't set variables which aren't used anywhere.

* build/ac-macros/apr_memcache.m4


* build/ac-macros/serf.m4

(SVN_LIB_SERF): Don't set SVN_SERF_EXPORT_LIBS variable.

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Try to avoid linking against unused libraries.

Libraries printed by `apr-1-config --libs` / `apu-1-config --libs` might be

needed only for static linking.

[ Reverted in r38164. ]

* build/ac-macros/apr.m4


Pass the '--libs' option to '$apr_config' only for static linking.

* build/ac-macros/aprutil.m4


SVN_APRUTIL_LIBS. Pass the '--libs' option to '$apu_config' only for static



(Expat): New section which implements the new '--with-expat' option, checks

for Expat and defines SVN_XML_INCLUDES and SVN_XML_LIBS.


(SVN_XML_LIBS): Define.


* build/ac-macros/apr_memcache.m4


* build/ac-macros/serf.m4


* subversion/bindings/swig/perl/native/ Use SVN_APR_LIBS instead


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Set svn:eol-style property on some files.

* build/ac-macros/apr_memcache.m4:

* build/ac-macros/ctypesgen.m4:

* build/ac-macros/gssapi.m4:

* build/ac-macros/sasl.m4:

* build/ac-macros/serf.m4:

* build/ac-macros/sqlite.m4:

* build/ac-macros/zlib.m4: Set svn:eol-style property to 'native'.

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* build/ac-macros/serf.m4 (SVN_LIB_SERF): Handle the --without-serf case.
Some minor auto-fu cleanups.

* build/ac-macros/sasl.m4:

(SVN_LIB_SASL): I don't have /usr/local and I don't want it in my Makefile.

Be gone!

* build/ac-macros/serf.m4

(SVN_LIB_SERF): Simplify test and eliminate redundant redundancy.

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* build/ac-macros/serf.m4

(SVN_LIB_SERF): Default to using .la file but if not present, fall back

to a graceful way to build without.

Fix linking against serf on some platforms.

* build/ac-macros/serf.m4: add serf's libdir to LDFLAGS

Make it possible to build Subversion against binary installations of its deps.

* build/ac-macros/neon.m4,

build/ac-macros/serf.m4: Remove the requirement for the libtool archive files

when configured to build against binary installations.

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* build/ac-macros/serf.m4: Pass serf's library dependencies to


* (AC_PREREQ): Require autoconf >= 2.58.


* build/ac-macros/apache.m4:

* build/ac-macros/java.m4:

* build/ac-macros/neon.m4:

* build/ac-macros/serf.m4:

* build/ac-macros/sqlite.m4:

* build/ac-macros/svn-macros.m4:

* build/ac-macros/swig.m4:

* build/ac-macros/zlib.m4:


  1. … 8 more files in changeset.
Add in LDFLAGS before looking for the serf library in case APR or APR-util

need some dependencies.

* build/ac-macros/serf.m4

(SVN_LIB_SERF): Add in pre-existing $LDFLAGS to our link check.

Followup to r25384 - allow Serf to be found implicitly even when Neon is


* build/ac-macros/serf.m4

(SVN_LIB_SERF): Don't allow an enabled Neon to inhibit the search for Serf.

Support building both ra_dav and ra_serf, allowing the user to choose

which one to use in their servers config file.

Note: unlike everything else in the servers config file, the new

http-library is *only* supported in the [global] section, not the

host-specific section. We should fix this before 1.5, but this

probably requires moving some code from libsvn_ra_dav into libsvn_ra.

* build/ac-macros/serf.m4:

Remove check that prevents building both ra_dav and ra_serf.

* subversion/include/svn_config.h

(SVN_CONFIG_OPTION_HTTP_LIBRARY): New config option "http-library".

* subversion/libsvn_subr/config_file.c

(svn_config_ensure): Document SVN_CONFIG_OPTION_HTTP_LIBRARY in the

generated servers file.

* subversion/libsvn_ra/ra_loader.c

(): Change comment about conflicting RA libraries to mention the

assumptions that svn_ra_open2 is making.

(MUST_CHOOSE_DAV): Define this symbol if we are linking both DAV


(svn_ra_open2): If MUST_CHOOSE_DAV is defined, look up the

http-library value in the servers config file global section,

validate that it is "dav" or "serf", and skip the other library.

* subversion/libsvn_ra_serf/README:

Mention that you don't need to disable Neon if you set the

http-library option.


(I.B Dependency Overview): Mention that you can use both Neon and


(I.C Dependencies in Detail): Provide more detail about using both.

  1. … 5 more files in changeset.
Use bundled serf if user has not specified where to look for serf and

neon is not available or configured for '--without-neon'.

* build/ac-macros/serf.m4


If not configured with --with-serf, see the availablity of bundled serf.

If bundled serf is available, set 'serf_found=reconfig'.

If you use bundled serf, don't assume apr and apr-util also would be

bundled, they may not. So build the bundled serf with detected apr and apu.

For bundled serf set SVN_SERF_INCLUDES as serf source dir(bundle),

set SVN_SERF_LIBS to be builddir/serf/

Approved by: jerenkrantz

Add in initial stubs for libsvn_ra_serf.

ra_serf is mutually exclusive with ra_dav (neon). Therefore, it requires neon

to be disabled. (Pass "--with-serf=<serf install path> --without-neon".)

* subversion/libsvn_ra_serf/serf.c: Add stub file that implements bare minimum

required to build new ra layer library.

* subversion/libsvn_ra/ra_loader.c

(ra_libraries): Add define for serf

* subversion/libsvn_ra/ra_loader.h, subversion/include/svn_ra.h

(svn_ra_serf__init, svn_ra_serf_init): Add stub loader prototypes.

* build.conf

(libsvn_ra_dav): Update comment to mention that this ra module uses neon

(libsvn_ra_serf): Add in entries for libsvn_ra_serf

* build/ac-macros/serf.m4

(SVN_LIB_SERF): Add in m4 macro to find a serf install.

* aclocal.m4: Include build/ac-macros/serf.m4

* Call SVN_LIB_SERF and set the right defines to enable ra_serf.

* Add in necessary values to let the build system know where

serf is and be able to install libsvn_ra_serf.

  1. … 9 more files in changeset.