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Changeset 1850737 is being indexed.

* tools/upcoming.py

(DIST_RELEASE_URL): New constant.


Determine the latest release by checking dist/release/, not by checking

tags, in order to also show changes that have been merged into a patch

release that has not been announced yet.

This change will cause tonight's bot run to effectively revert r1850708 (and

add Monday's merge to the output as well), re-adding all the merges that

went into 1.11.1 to the Web site — which is correct, since 1.11.1 has not yet

been published.

* tools/upcoming.py (main): Don't omit an extraneous newline.
site tools: Teach upcoming.py to compute a previously-hardcoded value.

* tools/upcoming.py

(get_copyfrom_revision_of_tag, SINCE): Remove.

(copyfrom_revision_of_previous_tag_of_this_stable_branch): New.

(main): Update caller.

* tools/escape.py,

* tools/upcoming.py: New scripts, to be used in generating 'svn log' filtered

to show merges only. See dev@ thread:



Subject: Display outstanding backported fixes for each release?

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