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Changeset 1825865 is being indexed.

Extend the 1.10 release notes with a subsection about using LZ4 compression

over the wire. For now, only document the negotiation and choice of the

compression algorithm for http://, and leave a TODO about svn://.

* docs/release-notes/1.10.html

(LZ4 compression): Extend the opener with the information that LZ4

compression is supported for both http:// and svn://.

(LZ4 compression over the wire in http:// and svn:// connections):

New subsection.

(New Feature Compatibility Table): Link to the new subsection.

Fix bad conflict resolution after merge from 'publish' to 'staging'.
Sync merge from 'publish' to 'staging'.
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Tweaks to the 1.10 release notes.

* release-notes/1.10.html:

(Filesystem format bump):

clarify f8 is new to 1.10.

link "svnadmin info" to some docco on it.

Suggested by: danielsh

rewrite unclear sentence. fix typo.
* site/staging/faq.zh.html:

Convert remaining dead links to plain text to have the W3C link checker not

complain about these.

* site/staging/faq.zh.html:

Replace 2 dead links to the Subversion book.

* site/staging/faq.zh.html:

Update link to the 1.3 release notes.

* site/staging/faq.zh.html:

Update link to the English FAQ.

* site/staging/faq.ja.html, site/staging/faq.zh.html:

Update the links to the subversion mailing lists page.

* site/staging/faq.ja.html, site/staging/faq.zh.html:

Apply change to remove a dead link to for server requirements section from

r1612894 to the Chinese and Japanese FAQ as well.

Found by: breser

* site/staging/faq.ja.html, site/staging/faq.zh.html:

Replace practically dead link to status page with working link to the

roadmap page (knowing that the text won't fit exactly the link).

* site/staging/faq.ja.html, site/staging/faq.zh.html:

Update statements and links for the SVN license.

* site/staging/faq.ja.html, site/staging/faq.zh.html:

Updated links to users mailing list.

* site/staging/faq.ja.html, site/staging/faq.zh.html:

Apply fix for dead link to the NFS howto from r918092 to the Chinese and

Japanese FAQ as well.

Suggested by: khmarbaise

* site/staging/faq.html, site/staging/faq.ja.html:

Replace link to dev mailing list archive with one to the

archive (and switch to https).

* site/staging: Catch-up merge from 'publish'.
Replace/Mark dead links to old Berkeley DB 4.2 manual with links to the

downloadable documentation.

* site/staging/faq.html: Rephrase links and rephrase sections pointing to the

old Berkeley DB manual

* site/staging/faq.ja.html, site/staging/faq.zh.html: Mark dead links as such

* docs/release-notes/1.10.html

(#svn-1.9-old-stable): Use more generic language.

* docs/release-notes/1.10.html

(#svn-1.9-deprecation): Rename to..

(#svn-1.9-old-stable): .. this, and reword for clarity.

Patch by: luke1410

* docs/release-notes/1.10.html: Fix copy-paste error in previous commits.
* docs/release-notes/1.10.html

(#svn-1.8-deprecation): Change wording for unambiguity.

"No longer supported" could be interpreted as referring to interoperability

or upgradeability guarantees (which is not the case, of course, but the

target audience doesn't necessarily know that).

* docs/release-notes/1.10.html

(#svn-1.9-deprecation): New section.

(#svn-1.8-deprecation): Tweak wording for accuracy and contrast.

* site/staging/faq.html, site/staging/faq.ja.html, site/staging/faq.zh.html:

Replace dead link to dev mailing list archive with working one to archive (and switch to https).

* site/staging/faq.html, site/staging/faq.ja.html, site/staging/faq.zh.html:

Reverted r1819268.

Replace link to dev mailing list thread to, since the mailing list

archive on is mostly dead.

Note that while the original link still worked, switching over to

should prevent the link no longer working in the future, if the rest of the

tigris archive goes dead. Also supports https, so switch over to

this too.

[in site/staging]

faq.html, faq.ja.html, faq.zh.html: replace link to dev mailing list thread

Remove/Mark dead link to old BDB related issue.

* site/staging/faq.html: Remove reference to dead link.

* site/staging/faq.ja.html, site/staging/faq.zh.html: mark dead link with a


[reverted in r1819299]

* site/staging/faq.html, site/staging/faq.ja.html, site/staging/faq.zh.html:

Remove reference to no longer available details about Windows XP SP1 on

* site/staging/faq.html: Update the CVSS section to CVSSv3 including updating

the links to the reference documentation. Add cvssv2 div to not break

existing external links.

* site/staging/docs/release-notes/1.10.html: Tweaked --normalize-props wording

Suggested by: danielsh