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Changeset 1816511 is being indexed.

* site/staging/docs/release-notes/1.1.html: Correct link to roadmap page.
* sites/staging/ideas.html: replace obsolete Subclipse link with current one
Update "Link to" to ask people to link via https instead

of via http.

* site/staging/contributing.html: use https and add trailing / to our URL

Prevent security warnings in browsers when using the navigation bar search


* site/staging/site-nav.html: use https for google-search form

* site/staging/quick-start.html: remove BOM (revert part of r1815812)
* staging/quick-start.html

(#setting-up-a-local-repo): typofix.

* staging/quick-start.html

(#setting-up-a-local-repo): fix double "an".

* staging/quick-start.html

(#setting-up-a-local-repo): Change "file:// schema" to "file:// scheme".

They are URL "schemes"; not "schemas".

* staging/quick-start.html

Make TOC (Table of Contents) contain h2 sections only for now.

[luke1410: reverted BOM change in r1815812]

Add to Quick Start a section about setting up a local repository and

converting and existing project to a new working copy. The section on this

topic was in the previous version of the Quick Start page.

* staging/quick-start.html

(#setting-up-a-local-repo): New section.

index.html: correct link to new news entry

news.html: the same

Obvious fix.

* staging/news.html, staging/index.html:

Fix a link I just added.

* staging/news.html, staging/index.html:

Fix missing <div>. Link to the meet-and-greet Wiki page. Linkify Assembla.

* staging: Catch-up merge from 'publish'.
    • ?
index.html: mention the sponsorship of Assembla and use proper character


news.html: the same

index.html: Added entry for the meet-and-greet event during this year's


news.html: the same

* site/staging/quick-start.html: unintented BOM change.
Follow-up to r1814018.

* site/staging/quick-start.html

(#what-is-a-repository): use &mdash;.

* site/staging/quick-start.html:

#more-help section should not be a part of #basic-tasks.

* site/staging/quick-start.html:

(#what-is-a-repository): fix hyphens.

Add section comments to Quick Start.

* site/staging/quick-start.html:




















#more-help): add div comments to the document.

The Quick Start page had incorrect indentation.

* site/staging/quick-start.html: fix blank lines and indentation.

Create a branch of /site/publish called /site/staging, so we can start

working on the Subversion website through a new workflow: editing staging

and promoting to publish after (lazy) review. The workflow will be described

in /site/README.

See the thread started here on dev@:

Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2017 21:32:13 GMT

From: Johan Corveleyn

To: Subversion dev list

Subject: Workflow for editing the subversion website

Message ID: <>