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Changeset 903934 is being indexed.

Revert a portion of r903930. On second thought (and having actually

played with the site some), having menu items link to mere

descriptions of other menu items is obnoxious and violates the

principle of least surprise. If I click "About Subversion", I wanna

read about Subversion, not about where I might learn about Subversion

elsewhere. If I click "Getting Subversion", I expect to be one step

closer to actually having Subversion in my hands. And so on.

I have faith that our site visitors aren't complete and utter idiots.

* site/publish/site-nav.html

Restore the non-linky-ness of the top-level menu items.

Use the front page of the website to give a high-level overview of the

site as a whole.

* site/publish/index.html

Add an 'About This Site' section.

* site/publish/site-nav.html

Make top-level menu items links to the 'About This Site' bits.

* site/publish/news.html

New 'News' archive page.

Suggested by: julianfoad

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Consolidate the two pages related to getting source code into one and

add link to binary packages to the site navigation.

* site/publish/site-nav.html

Replaced "Latest Release" with "Binary Packages" and adjusted link.

* site/publish/source-code.html

Consolidated the source release content from getting.html.

* site/publish/getting.html


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* site/publish/issue-tracker.html

New 'Issue Tracker' landing page.

* site/publish/site-nav.html

Add reference to the new page in the left-nav.

  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
Mmm... CSS media support...

* site/publish/style/site.css

Add media-specific style blocks (so we can avoid absolute placement

of the main content, and total hiding of the site-nav stuff, when


* site/publish/TEMPLATE,

* site/publish/contributing.html,

* site/publish/dev/index.html,

* site/publish/docs/community-guide/index.html,

* site/publish/docs/index.html,

* site/publish/docs/release-notes/1.1.html,

* site/publish/docs/release-notes/1.2.html,

* site/publish/docs/release-notes/1.3.html,

* site/publish/docs/release-notes/1.4.html,

* site/publish/docs/release-notes/1.5.html,

* site/publish/docs/release-notes/1.6.html,

* site/publish/docs/release-notes/1.6.zh.html,

* site/publish/faq.html,

* site/publish/faq.ja.html,

* site/publish/faq.zh.html,

* site/publish/features.html,

* site/publish/getting.html,

* site/publish/index.html,

* site/publish/mailing-lists.html,

* site/publish/release-history.html,

* site/publish/roadmap.html,

* site/publish/security/index.html,

* site/publish/site-nav.html,

* site/publish/source-code.html

Remove media="screen" specification from stylesheet import.

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* site/publish/site-nav.html

Linkify the 'Subversion Corporation' text. A little blue reminder that

that organization needs to die.

* site/publish/getting-involved.html

Rename to...

* site/publish/contributing.html


* site/publish/site-nav.html

Track renamed file, and add a direct link to our Features page.

  1. … 2 more files in changeset.
* site/publish/site-nav.html

Replace 'Download' menu title with 'Getting Subversion', and lose

link to the release history.

Introduce heirarchy at the "Documentation" level, and leave so TODOs

with ideas about managing our docs.

* publish/documentation.html

Move this...

* publish/docs,

* publish/docs/index.html here, with edits.

* publish/site-nav.html

Update link to Documentation website area.

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* site/publish/site-nav.html

Replace Earlier Released with Release History in navigation, and

add link for FAQ. Also updated copyright year to 2010.

* site/publish/site-nav.html

Update navigation for Latest Release. Thinking it would make sense to

use download.cgi for the Source Code link once we have release from ASF

* site/publish/site-nav.html,

* site/publish/style/site.css

s/grey/gray/ in CSS.

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Take some steps toward website XHTML validation.

* site/publish/site-nav.html,

* site/publish/site-banner.html

Fix some XHTML validation issues (alt="" attributes on images, form

items in <div>s, etc.)

* site/publish/TEMPLATE,

* site/publish/dev/index.html,

* site/publish/documentation.html,

* site/publish/index.html,

* site/publish/mailing-lists.html,

* site/publish/release-notes/1.1.html,

* site/publish/release-notes/1.2.html,

* site/publish/release-notes/1.3.html,

* site/publish/release-notes/1.4.html,

* site/publish/release-notes/1.5.html,

* site/publish/release-notes/1.6.html,

* site/publish/release-notes/1.6.zh.html,

* site/publish/source-code.html

Set the XML namespace attribute ("xmlns") on the <html> tag, and the

character set (via the <meta> tag).

  1. … 14 more files in changeset.
Move 'Developer Resources' to the bottom of the navigation menu.
Move my 'cmpilato-playground' fiddling up into the publish directory.

NOTE: This wipes out the source file copyright notices. Will fix that


* site/publish/images/banner-gradient.jpg,

* site/publish/images/svn-square.jpg,

* site/publish/images/svn-name-banner.jpg,

* site/publish/site-banner.html,

* site/publish/site-notice.html,

* site/publish/site-nav.html,

* site/publish/TEMPLATE

Copy with tweaks from the 'cmpilato-playground' subdirectory.

* site/publish/index.html,

* site/publish/style/site.css

Replace with a modified copy of the matching document from the

'cmpilato-playground' subdirectory.

* site/publish/mailing-lists.html,

* site/publish/source-code.html,

* site/publish/documentation.html,

* site/publish/dev/index.html

Replace these with modified copies of the new TEMPLATE.

* site/publish/cmpilato-playground

Remove this tree as unused (after copying a bunch of stuff up in its

parent directory).

* site/publish/images/apache_incubator.png,

* site/publish/images/subversion_logo_hor-468x64.png

Remove as unused.

  1. … 15 more files in changeset.