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Move my 'cmpilato-playground' fiddling up into the publish directory.

NOTE: This wipes out the source file copyright notices. Will fix that


* site/publish/images/banner-gradient.jpg,

* site/publish/images/svn-square.jpg,

* site/publish/images/svn-name-banner.jpg,

* site/publish/site-banner.html,

* site/publish/site-notice.html,

* site/publish/site-nav.html,

* site/publish/TEMPLATE

Copy with tweaks from the 'cmpilato-playground' subdirectory.

* site/publish/index.html,

* site/publish/style/site.css

Replace with a modified copy of the matching document from the

'cmpilato-playground' subdirectory.

* site/publish/mailing-lists.html,

* site/publish/source-code.html,

* site/publish/documentation.html,

* site/publish/dev/index.html

Replace these with modified copies of the new TEMPLATE.

* site/publish/cmpilato-playground

Remove this tree as unused (after copying a bunch of stuff up in its

parent directory).

* site/publish/images/apache_incubator.png,

* site/publish/images/subversion_logo_hor-468x64.png

Remove as unused.

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